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If I tell you that these two tables are copies of each other...... One of them is the "Table of The Building Blocks of the Universe from CERN, Switzerland, which found the God Particle, and the other table is even more famous and better known as the Arabic Alphabet. 

     In one of my articles in which I described space and celestial bodies, I examined the word "falek", which means both orbit, cycle and astronomy/space science in Arabic, and in the phrase "each of them is in an orbit/orbit" in two different verses in the Qur'an, we found a satellite, a planet, a star and a spiral galaxy and the black hole at the center of the galaxy, respectively. I had shown that all of them were put forward by saying "each in an orbit" together with their 100% figural and scientific symbols of those celestial bodies, with their perfectly correct expressions and their orbital sum gives the number 360, which is a complete orbit. In that study, we also found the universal equivalents of the 8 letters of the Quran/Arabic Alphabet in Physics and Cosmology. I will briefly remind you of what we found in that article, and then I will scientifically show every element of the universe from the beginning to the end, in the correct order of creation, in the Qur'an. You can "click here" to reach the previous article, and you can watch the video below. Since it is a quick narration, I recommend you to watch it with full attention. 

We have seen that; When we separate and analyze the 7 letters of the phrase "each in an orbit", the Arabic word  for كُلٌّ فِى فَلَكٍ , when we separate and analyze the 7 letters, ك ل ف ي ف ل ك with 4 different letters and in connection with another 4 letters ( ه - ا - و - ق), we found the 8 letters in the Arabic/Quranic alphabet and their equivalents in the universe/cosmos and creation as follows:   

   1) The shape of our Galaxy, the Milky Way, is given by the Arabic letter Y =  ي  , which is exactly the same as its scientific symbol . You can see that they are the same by looking separately and over each other.

2) Two dots in the letter describing the galaxy marked our star, the sun, and our world revolving around it, as exactly where they should be.  YOU ARE HERE !!!

  3) Fe, symbol for iron atom/element, is designated by the Arabic letter fe = ف  Since iron is created only in big stars, this letter is the symbol that scientifically most accurately expresses a "star" in which it was created.    

  4) Stone, Lithos/Lithium (Li) meaning earth, lithium atom/element L as ل (Earth) and Paired with the letter  ك  (Moon)   denoting Earth and Moon, planet and satellite.

    5) Our letter denoting the Moon is in the same form as the L denoting the rock/earth, but with the galaxy symbol placed in the middle, ك  explained that the Moon is the furthest away in the cycle/orbit around the galaxy, and also that all matter revolves around the black hole (end of matter and essence) in the center of the galaxy.

    6) The sum of the orbital values ​​of these celestial bodies gave the number 360, which expresses the "orbit".
   7) Star, planet, and moon in just the right order, with the galaxy in the middle, inscribed symmetrically, indicating a loop/orbit. (Others have noticed this symmetry before, but they did not know the rest except for the "orbit/loop" relationship) 
ك ل ف    ي     ف ل ك      KE - LE - FE -   Y   - FE - LE - KE 


   8) Our world revolving around the sun is marked with a single dot on the letter describing the Sun/Star.  See the morphological similarity of the three letters below, each like a nine or a "g".

   9) Since the star ف produces Iron=Fe, in the letter which follows our letter for the star ق, and has a morphological similarity with  the star -another star symbol- the planet's satellite is also shown with an additional dot next to the planet.    

   10) Our other letter, which can be considered the same as the star, is  و   You will also see in this new article, for simple scientific reasons, that a "neutron star" is indicated without a point, that is, without a planet.

   11 ) The fact that the sun produces only HELIUM in the Surah whose name is Shams meaning "sun" is confirmed by ending all of its 15 verses with the letter He  (  هَا  =  ه ا ), which is the symbol of helium (this's not my finding, it's been known for a while, but I don't know who first noticed it). Remember that the sun is also a star. Here is our letter He.    This is also H, meaning the Hydrogen, THE FIRST ATOM including only one proton in its nucleus: round, nucleus, like no other letter in the Quranic Alphabet.

  12) Like a black hole, which means the end of matter as we know it, the letter that points to it is the last letter of the Arabic/Quranic alphabet, the end of writing/expression.  

  13) While the symbol representing Photon/Light in Physics is denoted by the letter gamma, it is shown that the light of the world is Lam-Elif, which is Earth+Photon = Light, letters and has the same shape as gamma, and we will see it again below.

Let's see a picture of a scientific study for the creation of the Stars below and see how exactly the stars are placed in our alphabet, too. We can categorize the stars into small and large-mass stars. After the nebula formation , our sun, which we can characterize as average and mark with Helium (Sun produces Helium), follows the upper order steps, as do the small ones. Massive stars, on the other hand, may create at the end, a Neutron Star or a Black Hole with an explosion called a Supernova, as in the bottom row. 

Small (or medium) mass star (Sun) "HE" --> Massive Star "FE" --> Neutron Star "V=VE" meaning "and" (COMPLETION OF ATOMS) --> Black Star = Black Hole "Y"  (END OF MATTER).    
In addition to their scientific and figurative similarities, we will find all of these star symbols PLACED TOGETHER in our alphabet:   

 FIVE  STARTS, ALL  IN  ONE  PLACE TOGETHER IN OUR ALPHABET. İmpossible! to be a coincidence!

    Let's tick all five of them one by one and see the Star Cycle in our Alphabet:
       1. the sun, a small or a medium size planet. 2. a massive star with a planet, 3. a massive star with a planet and a satellite, 4. a neutron star and 5. the end star, a black hole.

   According to the determinations above, I now repeat the following sentence with minor additions, please read WELL: In correct order: Small (or medium) mass star (Sun "HE=Helium") --> "FE=Iron" from Large Mass Star He --> The star first acquires a planet (star letter with one dot), then the planet acquires a satellite (star letter with double dot). --> Neutron Star V (without dots, neither planet nor moon, you'll see why below) = letter V (COMPLETION OF ATOMS ("AND" + "AND" + "AND"...with additions) --> Black Hole (Black Star) - THE END OF THE CYCLE/MATTER AND OF THE ALPHABET,

   Well, maybe you have asked yourselves why our Sun in the Alphabet of the Universe -except the Black  Hole- does not look like the other three stars here. All these stars are formed by the growth of A STAR like our Sun (our letter He in the Qur'an) that creates Helium=He, right? Let's take a good look and decide by making our Sun letter He grow with additions. I wonder what's going on?

Let's remember our star letters:
our sun He     and others   

    FIRST ONE IS THE SUN, and then growing....

I hope you understand how our sun is also related in its shape to the massive stars, how it grows to form them, by joining with other letters, growing from the small/first star type as science has proven.

     Essentially, in this article we will find the ABC of the Universe, the UNIVERSAL ALPHABET, and you will surely know that such an alphabet is impossible to come out of human hands. It doesn't matter if its name is "Arabic Alphabet". If the Qur'an had been revealed in Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs or Sumerian tablets or even in alien script, we would have found this evidence there too, no doubt, albeit in different letters. From this point on, please read it much more carefully and thoughtfully. To believe, or not to believe is up to you.

Fundamental Elements of the Universe from CERN Who Discovered the "God Particle"
You will see all of these in the Qur'an, with their formal and/or scientific equivalents, in/with the same groupings. Do not succumb to your arrogance and try to reason how all this is possible.


Since there are 28 letters in the alphabet, I would now like to take a closer look at the Arabic (or Quranic) alphabet to match the remaining 20 letters with the creation of the universe and of mankind (keep in mind that it is read from right to left):
Our first letter -only a line, Elif, stands alone (a or e or other consonants, which we will also see pointing to something weightless and moving in a straight line "as a continuous linear sound"). For the letter A you can make the long aaaaaa sound and it will ripple, but for the letter B you can't; You can only extend the letter E by saying BBBeeeee, and only the letter A by saying BBBaaa.


We see that the letters following Elif, left alone at the very beginning, always have the same shape, first three by three, then two by two. Then, our alphabet continues with some other letters, some pairs, some singles, some triplets, and it ends with the letter Y, which we have determined as the black hole, the end of existence of matter.
Let's divide our alphabet first in a single line, then from right to left as 1-6-6-6-9 in the direction of reading without breaking the order, roughly grouping with the smallest number 1 at the beginning, the largest number 9 at the end, and 6/6/6 in the middle;






Look carefully at the names in this table, and we'll see them a little more closely below, together WITH THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF THE UNIVERSE ESTABLISHED BY THE QUANTUM PHYSICS.


The part 1-6-6-6 (a total of 19) in the above grouping and detail tables represents the Sub-Atomic, fundamental quantum elements, which are full of the greatest secrets of the universe, about which we still have no complete information (and one of them is called the God Particle). These quantum elements come together and form the atom and then, last group of 9, which follows, gives the details of Star-Planet-Satellite-Sun-Earth-Moon-Human-Life, which we can call "Sur-Atomic" MACRO UNİVERSE we know very well. You will understand the sequence as you read.

Table of elementary particles/elements: These first 6+6 = 12 sub-atomic elements come together to form the universe, just as Legos come together to create bigger toys, so we can call them the Legos of the universe, AND the 7 bosons are like the invisible SCREWS, NAILS, STRINGS, KNOTS, GLUES, KEEPING THOSE LEGOS - THE UNIVERSE TOGETHER.

In the table, the blue and green colors indicate matter, and the darkened ones represent anti-matter. The yellow ones list the bosons that make up the interactions. Although it has not been proven yet, the theory that all these elements must have "super-symmetrical" equivalents is the most plausible one so far. When we count, we see that 31 particles make up the universe. With their super-symmetrical counterparts, we can take this number as 2X31 = 62. These numbers 31 and 62 are the answer to the question asked by saying "you two" 31 times in the Chapter/Surah Rahman  . These are the exact answers to the question, " which thing can you-two deny that I have created?"  The created elements , the Lego particles of the universe, are exactly 31 pairs. You can access the related article by clicking here The Qur'an also confirms and supports the yet-to-be-proven Super-Symmetry Theory, by repeatedly stating that "everything is created in pairs".

When we discard the building blocks that make up anti-matter, the 12 particles that create the human, the earth, the sun, etc. that we find in our universe, and 7 bosons keeping them in place... the following 19 basic quantum elements remain. We all know about gravity, but the particle that causes it, Graviton=G, has not yet been found experimentally. For the graviton and space-time, I developed a different theory about "time is not a dimension, there is only space and motion but not a space-time" and I saw that some scientists have already embarked on a path close to my opinion on the subject of "time", which is understood to be not fixed in space, and the gravitational BOSON, which cannot be detected by experiment, you can read it here: ==> ASRON: THE BUILDING BLOCKS OF SPACE The name comes from Surah ASR, so is the name of my page/site, AsronSpace, Sea of ASR = ASR Space. Although its structure is definitely incredibly different, I gave it this name to highlight the invisible ASR drops, building blocks/bricks that build up the space like drops of water filling the ocean: ASRON "We raised the sky with invisible pillars/walls" 
here are the 12 particles ....

with 7 bosons, a total of 19 quantum elements 




    We start with our first letter, Elif=Photon. Photo means light and voltaic means electricity. Photovoltaics convert photons into electrons through the so-called "photovoltaic" effect. Electrons are also the second letter of our alphabet. Photon is a kind of fundamental boson (quantum element) that acts as an energy carrier, but electron is a subatomic particle (lepton, another elementary particle) that exists in all atoms. The main difference between photon and electron is that electron is a mass whereas photon is a packet of energy: Electron has weight whereas photon has no weight.


Leptons are 3 pieces in 2 lines. In the first row, there are 3 "v"s (Neutrinos) and their counterparts are in the lower row, like the first line below, where our letters are 2 separate figures and 3 each. Quarks, on the other hand, consist of 2 each in 3 columns: ud - cs - tb, just like the double letters in the second line.   

         Single, double and triple letters.

      Let's match in more detail: 



There are 7 bosons, 7 of our letters, six of which are in pairs, plus our first letter ALEF. The H and G bosons pair up as "mass"-based bosons, one that "creates mass, weight" and the other "attracts mass, weight." W bosons with positive and negative electrical charges, are already apparent pairs. Z and g bosons, on the other hand, are neutral forces with no electrical charge, forming the weak nuclear force and the the strong nuclear force, respectively.  
             Q u a r k   P a i r s   &   L e p t o n   T r i p l e t s


I have no doubt that the grouping I have made and the building blocks and the cornerstones of the Universe are explained with the alphabet of the Qur'an, and that they also have equivalent counterparts in humans. Only God knows best. I haven't quite finished matching some of the quantum particle/boson properties within these groups, with the shape of the letters, the location and number of dots, yet. I will try to continue to work on it, I hope to be able to complete it.

     Except for the boson put together orderly, the photon is separate as the first letter of our alphabet, ELİF, and I mentioned above that the photon is LIGHT. As such, it also fits with the phrase "God said let there be light and there was light" at the beginning of creation in the Torah and the Bible, but we can only refer to the parts of these books that are in accordance with the Qur'an, I do not comment on the other parts. In Arabic/Quranic, there is a letter in which two letters are combined, which is not in the alphabet, but is sometimes used as if it were one letter due to its importance.  Since we are talking about light, of course, one of these letters is PHOTON = ELİF =A and the other is the letter LAM = L (Lithos, stone earth) symbolizing the world : Its name is LAMELİF.
    For those who want to learn the Quran - Memurlar.Net - Forum
As we in see above, in some alphabets, the compound letter Lamelif also appears just before the galaxy/black hole letter Y. Do you know why: The BLACK HOLE, the BLACK STAR, only is able to catch the fastest of all quantum elements, the photon/light. IF THERE IS A BLACK HOLE, THERE WILL NOT BE LIGHT...

Let's take a closer look at this compound letter: 

Let's also take a closer look at the ancient Greek letter Gamma, which symbolizes photon, light.    
You can clearly see that they are the same. I colored our letter symbolizing the Light/Photon because colors can only exist with light.



After having seen the light that illuminates our world, let's shed light on the last 9 letters of our rough grouping: With the Sub-Atomic elements, that is, when our Lego pieces are completed, the FIRST matter+energy resultant that will emerge due to gravity is the smallest FIRST ATOM, HYDROGEN. Countless hydrogen atoms will come togeher to create the first star that creates the second atom, Helium. The rest of the atoms also will then be created within or by the stars. Now, it is necessary to see all our atoms together. Our Famous and Magnificent Periodic Table...  Do not forget to read the notes I added to the table.  

Our famous table listing all the atoms we have ever found in our universe: the magnificent "Periodic Table" of Chemistry. Quantum elements, the building blocks of the Universe, such as Legos, which is impossible to see even with the strongest microscopes today, and perhaps never will be seen, come together in an almost infinite number to create the first atom, Hydrogen. Then again, an almost infinite number of hydrogen atoms combine to form a Sun, creating the second atom, Helium. What follows is nothing difficult, with different stages in/by the stars for the creation of other atoms. Our third element, Lithium, with its ancient name Lithos, symbolizes rocks and soil, and now expresses in our alphabet our Earth, a planet.

Now that we have finished the creation of atoms, let's count the 9 letters in the last group of our alphabet   one by one, looking at the table below: STAR in the first row from the right will create the following atoms, from the second smallest atom HELIUM to IRON. 
Most of the stars have planets. That's what the single dot on the letter FE denoting the star is for: such as SUN and EARTH. In our second letter from the right, our dots double because the star's planet gets a SATELLITE: like the EARTH and the MOON. When we add our point that points to our satellite, of course, the letter that follows immediately symbolizes what this point is, the SATELLITE, that is, the MOON. Then, I'm sure you've already guessed that the symbol of the PLANET, that is, the EARTH, will come next to it.     

When the Sun+Moon+Earth was created, won't LIFE start right after that? Of course, the letter Mim/meem in the verse "We created every living thing from water" is M = MA-WATER /LIFE /MAN and MENY=SPERM. it's coming out. We also have a verse that says "We created man from sperm=Meny". Below you will see the symbol of human life in the Qur'an. Finally, the letter Nun is blown into N = NAFS- SENTIENT SELF / CONSCIOUSNESS / AWARENESS / CONSCIENCE. 

In the letter next to it, we find the SUN in space, and the brain in our head, the Central Nervous System. As the stars grow, some eventually explode. After this explosion called the Supernova, a NEUTRON STAR is formed and all other atoms heavier than iron are created together with and thanks to this very special star. If something goes wrong in a starburst, which is just a joke of course, forget let alone the creation of the neutron star and the rest of the matter, all the matter in existence except those ejected by the explosion will end with the disappearance of matter, existence, and light, with the formation transforming into a BLACK STAR, or BLACK HOLE.

If you want to witness visually why life is symbolized by the letter mim/meem, please come have a look.
     "We created men from sperm"

Thus, our universe begins with LIGHT and ends with DARKNESS. Be sure to look at the scientific tables I gave at the beginning and the tables of the Universal Alphabet that I prepared, and you will see them all there in an orderly manner.

Mankind reaches maturity at the age of 40, after which some of them die out, some explode and turn into either a neutron star that scatters the most intense RAYS, or turns into a black hole whose light and material existence will have disappeared.

Remember, there is a possibility that only the believers' light will not be lost. Yet, it's not enough to just believe... if you believe but don't do good, don't stand against bad or if you're a bad person, or if you don't believe in the Creator even though you're a good person.....

You can consider what I wrote as a warning and a call, invitation to see and believe. I tried to make it as easy as I could.

You will not find in this world, any equality in opportunity, material or spiritual. However, those who have/given the opportunity should help and support the people and living things who have not found this opportunity, and should not leave anyone hungry, in the open, on the road, without water, or in slavery: here lies the essence and basis of the job, to ensure social justice. Likewise, not all people need to understand everything I write. Faith and Conscience are enough for a better world and guarantee spiritual awards.

As I stated in a previous article, "One of the extraordinary miracles of the Qur'an is that it shows and informs us exactly what we would call our findings, inventions, from 1400 years ago". Apart from the ones in this article, the most magnificent example of this is already the black holes: they are designated as the black/dark slime eye. You can read it here: BLACK HOLES OF ZULKARNEYN 

In this article, QUESTIONS TO ANSWER ATHEISM I have presented some of the matching/pairings of scientific  findings with the verses of Quran, which is equipped with magnificent information, ranging from embryos to swimming sperms, chromosomes, neurons, and nervous system, do not forget to take a look. 


Seeing how magnificent such an arrangement is in terms of meaning, mathematics, cosmological knowledge, as well as shape, formation, we witness over and over again that the challenge in the Qur'an is not in vain:

17 Isra 88. Say: If all humans and jinn were to help and support one another, and if they came together to produce the like of this Qur'an, they would not be able to produce the like of it.

Is there anything else to be said or written on top of that? 

Best regards,               
Mustafa Kilavoglu        20

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