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Origins of The Legos of the Universe and of Man




The cinemas started all black and white and then get colorful. Same way, I will first divide the quantum Building Blocks of the Universe in two categories: The Black&White and the Colored charts. Then I will show that the universe is created in two different stages where the formation of the stars and appearance of the iron atom at their center completes the first half. Then a supernova explosion blows the whistle to start the second half when the rest of all the atoms are either created or all disappeared depending on whether a neutron star or a black hole is born.

I will make it very simple so that everyone will grasp at least the basic idea of these difficult topics. These are known facts found even after Albert Einstein. But at the end, using this scientific information, I will show something shocking totally out of the blue and leave you with your own judgement. All those extremely advanced knowledges; are those really new?

According to the standard model of the particle physics, the total number of building blocks that make up the so-called “Black&White” universe should be 31 in total as in the below chart and the supersymmetric (SUSY) string theory asserts that all those 31 elements must have a supersymmetric counterpart. Hence it would be more accurate to represent this total number as 2 x 31 = 62.

Now, I will show that, after decomposing these 62 elements into their colors, we will arrive at 114 elements, or 2x57 elements.

The first table above shows the building blocks that make up the entire universe. When it comes to scientific studies, it is necessary to elaborate them further, for example, to separate them by color. In fact, quantum particles do not have real colors, but it is possible to examine some of their properties, which we cannot define in the ordinary world we know, by separating them as if they have colors. For example, there is a cat's eye marble in this picture but it is colorless, or rather, black and white.


However, when we look at the marbles in their true nature, we see that there are few types of those same marble, which we define by colors in order to distinguish them from each other. This is necessary if we need to delve into more detailed studies.

Same goes for the elementary quantum particles. They do have some characteristics that we cannot see in our everyday life so we assign them some fictious colors in order to differentiate them.


Apart from colors, we also distinguish quantum elements as “those that spin to the right” or “those that spin to the left” as if they were spinning. Again, this is just to identify them based on their other characteristics for further studies, but we cannot actually see them spinning.           
To put it in a simple form, if the marble is spinning to the right, its supersymmetric marble will be like the same one spinning to the left (in fact with a spin that differs by half of a unit, never mind)




Same as we separate and identify the marbles according to their colors, when we separate the quantum building blocks of the universe by assigning them some arbitrary colors, we will reach the table below:

The field that studies those coloring details in quantum dynamics is called Quantum Chromo Dynamics (QCD). The word Chromo means "color" in Latin. We can easily say that it is one of the most difficult branches of all sciences.

QCD scientists use this above table for their studies. If we count the elements in the table, we find a total of 61 elements. The graviton, which is the gravitational element designated by the letter "G" in the first table, is not added to this “colored” table. Although gravity is known to everyone, the particle related to this force has not yet been discovered, hence for some reason, some do not put it in the tables. So, in fact the correct number we should find in the table is 62.

If there are 62 elements in the table, then according to Supersymmetric String Theory, the total number together with their partners should be 62 x 2 = 124. However, I said that it was 57 x 2 = 114, and I also claimed that the half of it, 57, is analogous to the iron atom in that iron represents the last atom at the end of the first half of the creation of the universe. How will it be? Honestly, I was just as curious as you…  then at one moment, I realized that there was something strange, thus wrong,  about this colorful chart.

I already knew the basic outlines of QCD, but since I did not study it in detail, it was not possible to establish any relationship between the number 114 with the number of colored elements basing on this table presented to us by the world's largest scientific institutions and universities.

To understand the weirdness, we need to take a look at the colored gluons; there are eight of them in total in the table. By simplistic analogy, gluons are sticky rubber-like agents that hold quarks together to form neutrons and protons. The only quantum elements with a colored structure are the gluons and the quarks, and these are the main building blocks of matter (and us) making up the nucleus of any atom. Atomic energy, which is the strongest known force to us, comes out from them. In other words, “colors” are the source of the greatest power of the universe. Of course, these are not real colors, as I tried to explain above.

Both Quarks and gluons are identified by the same three colors and their anti-colors; like matter-antimatter. Red, Green and Blue and Anti-Red, anti-Green and anti-Blue.

In search of my 57 x 2 = 114 fundamental elements, let's have a closer look at our colored particles.

We see that the quarks appear in our table with red, blue, green together with their anti-colors. When we look at the gluons, however, we see some more and strange colors. Yet, we said that gluons have the same colors as quarks.

The reason for this is that as a result of scientific studies, it is found that gluons can only have 8 different color combinations. So QCD scientists (and quantum physicists) have added all these combinations to the table as they are. This is where the weirdness stems from for the total number of quantum elements in our colorful universe.

Quarks also come together in different color combinations, but we don't take each combination as a separate element because everyone will agree, that would be completely wrong. So, they don’t appear in the table.  In the example of a proton shown here which consists of three different color quarks, we do not count it as a separate fundamental element.

Apart from triple quark combinations such as protons or neutrons, quarks also come in binary, quadruple and quintuple combinations. Although we do not list them one by one and do not include them in the table, for some reason, in QCD, they like to show all the gluon combinations. Verily, one can sometimes overlook the simplest detail while dealing with the most difficult and very complex things. We have to take all the fancy-colored gluons out of the table and instead insert only each one of the different colors.

If we count quarks as a total of six basic elements in colors and if gluons have the same colors as the quarks, then gluons must also be six in number, right? So, we should say that the total number is 60 x 2 = 120. But we still couldn't hit my 114. The weirdness must be going on, yet the quantum world in itself is full of weirdness that no one (yes, no one) understands as yet.

Now we need to correct another small detail. We just talked about matter-antimatter pairs. This means that if there are quarks of three different colors, there must also be anti-quarks of three different colors. So, there are 6 different quarks in total. However, not all fundamental particles have an anti-particle.

If you look at the very first table above (copied here), you will see that while quarks and leptons are in pairs (shown in blue and green), there are seven single elements next to them in yellow, because they do not have anti-elements. To be more precise, their anti-particles are none other than themselves. Gluons don’t have anti-particles. Thus, there are only 3 different colors of gluons, we don't have any anti-gluons to add to the chart.

Finally, then, when we put the correct number of gluons -that is, 3- in our table,  we reach the number 57. This, together with the SUSY pairs gives the number 57 x 2 = 114.

To finish this part: The number of elementary particles is 2 x 31 without color and 57 x 2 with colors which, to me, is the complete table of the particle physics.

Although the recent search results on muons point to some further stuff, I do not expect any additional particle(s) to be found. The results of those researches will end up in relation and with the conclusions of the supersymmetric interactions. This, of course, is not a scientific assertion, just a hunch.

Now it's time for the second topic, from smallest to the largest formations of the universe - The iron atom appeared at the end of the first half in the creation of the universe.

All the atoms necessary in the completion of the known universe are created in two stages:

When a star exhausts the hydrogen in its core, it becomes a giant or supergiant. As in the above picture, stars have two different life cycles depending on their mass. Our sun is a medium-sized star and will eventually evolve into what we call a "white dwarf" following the stages in the upper line of the image.

  • The first stage for the creation of the atoms is the process before the Supernova explosion

In the stage before the supernova explosion, only those up to and including the iron atom can form in the universe in a star’s core. After a supernova explosion, either a neutron star or a black hole is created.

Our sun is composed of 99.9% hydrogen and helium atoms. Due to its small mass, it cannot produce heavier elements. But a star with 20 times more massive than our sun will produce atoms up to and including iron. Please see picture at the left and note the iron core and the other 7 layers surrounding it like a rib cage.

Therefore, the first chapter closes with the creation of the iron atom.

  • In the second half, we find a supernova and then either a neutron star or a black hole. In the end, two neutron stars collide with each other.

The heavier atoms after iron are created by the supernova explosion: Some during this explosion, and the rest gets created by a neutron star colliding with another neutron star. So, a supernova explosion either gives way to the completion of all the atoms in the universe by creating a neutron star, or smashes the star into a black hole so that heavier atoms can never be created.

In the end our solar system and life starts, humans evolve crowned with consciousness.

As we arrived at the man and consciousness, let me copy my initial “shocking” sentence here: “These are known facts but at the end, using this scientific information, I will show something shocking totally out of the blue and leave you with your own judgement.”

I have read a book -written even before Einstein was born- confirming the full story of the known universe as follows:

  • The bottom of all things is information as well as end of everything.

  • Then, a Big Bang, a start from the so-called singularity, which I rather call a Big Blow

  • Space is quantized, Space is flat, When there will be no matter left, the space will be flat again

  • There are 10 spatial dimensions in total and Time is not a dimension

  • Formation of the elementary quantum particles, 31 x 2 = 62

  • Coloration of the elementary quantum particles, 57 x 2 = 114

  • Sun, Fusion of hydrogen atoms into helium atoms 

  • A large star collapses inward and explodes, turns into a neutron star, or a black hole

  • Neutron star pulses and full Neutron star formation stages, A neutron star collides with another neutron star.

  • Black holes are like foundation pillars inserted into space and can pierce the fabric of space

  • Giving the scientific notation of our spiral galaxy, The Milky Way

  • Sun is made up of Hydrogen and Helium.

Further goes to assert:

  • Supersymmetry, SUSY

  • We are all star stuff 

  • Parallel universes and Multiverses

Additionally, about biology:

  • The nerves passing through the ear cause facial paralysis and the balance is related to ear.

  • Humans started from one place and spread to the world

  • The best night to get pregnant: intercourse at the 11th night after the onset of menstruation

  • Source of all life is water

List goes on at the end of the page...

I have listed so many advanced scientific points above from the very start of the universe till today and I am now telling you that the book I have read confirming all these scientific points and more is about 1400 years old…

The links to their explanations are given down below.

In fact, so many people (hundreds of millions) have read it but yet, none has come this far to make such an extensive and correct correlations and prove the full similitude of the universe and science within the book.

The book is even structured in the same way as the creation sequence of the universe, starting with the singularity and ending with the creation of consciousness.

The book has 114 chapters like the 114 different Lego parts of the colorful universe: the first chapter is named “start/opening/separation” and the last chapter is named “humans”

In the chapter named “The Creator” the same question is repeated: “which of my creation you can doubt?” It is asked 31 times for each of the 31 elementary quantum elements creating the whole universe.

The book repeatedly emphasizes the fact that all things are created in pairs:  SUSY 31 x 2 = 62

Same as the iron atom being the half way in the creation of all the atoms, Chapter 57, being the end of the first half of the book, is named “Iron” and presents the information that iron is brought to earth.

Hence the book consists of two halves of each 57 chapters: 57 x 2 = 114

The chapter called “Sun” contains information each and every statement ending with the syllable “He”, symbolizing both Hydrogen and Helium at the same time (this one was realized long ago by someone else; I don’t know who)

The book symbolizes our galaxy by the letter ى    and here is the scientific notation of a galaxy:

At the beginning of the universe “the space” and the “the cosmic ground” were one and then got separated with the so-called Big Bang. The bottom of all things is information and everything comes out of the cosmic ground from under the fabric of space. Similarly, in the end, everything will turn into information just as in a black hole. All the information in the book is numbered. The very first numbered information in the first chapter gets separated starting the second chapter a All chapters start with the same opening phase, except one chapter. This opening phrase represents the space. At the beginning the cosmic ground and the space were same and one, Hence the first chapter has the “opening phrase and the information” together, without any separation in between.

Then the hardest quiz has begun: Universal Olympics

This last point is all about belief whether this life is a test, everyone is free in their own belief. Other points are purely what has already been found and/or should be with the advances of science to date.

While it is not known/confirmed scientifically just if and how many different spaces (multiverse) there are, the book states that this number is 7. I would also like to add a little "evidence" to this: The amount of matter in the universe is about seven times of what we can see, that is, there must be about 6 times more matter invisible to eye. We call this part "dark matter," and no one has the slightest idea what it is yet.

What do you think this dark matter is and where could it be? My answer is that it must be the sum of all the matter in the other 6 spaces that we cannot see but can interact only gravitationally. We do not see or detect them because our 3-D space is closed up by knitting, curling up the other remaining 7 dimensions thus leaving no space, even not a Planck length for any other interaction between different spaces to take place. All forces as well as all fundamental quantum particles  -except for the gravity- need a medium-field to propagate and that field ceases to exist where the dimensions are closed up. 

The Book: The Quran, which corrects and completes both the Bible and the Torah.

All chapters in the Quran start with a separate caption/opening phrase called “basmala” except one (reason explained separately). But as for the very first chapter at the beginning of the Qur'an, this same phrase is there but not separate from the other verses. ıt is there like an ordinary verse: The verse number 1.

I have the answer to that: The Quran makes reference to “earth/ground” and “heaven(s)/skies”. For those who understand, it also simultaneously explains the “cosmic ground” and “whole space(s)”, the universe. Because the basic idea is the same and the creation repeats itself from the smallest to the largest. See picture:

The cosmic ground is whatever is under the “fabric of space” out of which all fundamental particles come in and out of existence, same as all plantation in the world come out and die out of earth ground.

Quran says: The ground and the sky were one in the beginning, then we separated them and we keep extending the sky. The universe has started from one point and is ever extending.

Opening phrase is the sky/space, and the verses are the earth/cosmic ground.

"We raised the sky with an invisible construction," it says in the Qur'an. This invisible structure has to be the "quantum" structure of space, which contributes to the formation of feeling of time, thanks to both gravity and motion. Could the "invisible structure" be an answer to why the basic gravity element called graviton, which has not yet been found, is still not found?

One of the words in the opening phrase means the creator. The other, on the other hand, means "protecting, covering, encompassing" like a womb.

"In the Name of Allah Who Creates and Protects".

Earth or Ground in the original text also means 'supply'. Our “earth/ground” supplies us all we need. The sky protects us from all the harmful cosmic radiation. The verses, which are the Qur'an's ground, supply us with all the basic information we need.

Thus; Opening Phrase= Space/sky, Verses = Cosmic Ground/earth.

Some people ask logically, if they are all written in the Qur'an, why do not Muslims but others are more advanced in science, and with such questions they think that they are both smart and right. Let me answer shortly:

Those who advance in science and discover new things will of course only be those who use scientific methods and have the opportunity to do so.  Besides, Qur'an is not a book sent to teach us science anyway, but it has a duty to reveal that the place it came from is from outside this world, from the Creator, and that's why it tells us: "no matter how hard you try, no matter how much you progress in science and whatever you find and learn, I am writing all of them here, before you even think of it, so when you reach any information and knowledge, realize that it was already written 1400 years ago and please believe in the one who created you”. Those who read the Qur'an or other religious texts without a deep understanding will never grasp the original idea behind them.

Since “belief” itself is the number one question of the exam, everything is shown to us in an analogous or indirect way and the choice “a. I believe” or” b. I don't believe" is left to the student, that is, to us. I understand fully with 100% certainty that the Qur'an says; the choice is to be made freely and no one can be compelled to believe or not believe anything, except by way of speaking and discussing civilly.

What do you think about being created from one self and its pair/companion is created from its ribs? We are all star stuff, right? And that's because of the supernova explosion. Here is the seven "true ribs" of human and the seven layers of a star before it explodes. The second star forms out of the matter scatterred around by the explosion. Then, finally there are two neutron starts, they collide and create all the atoms of the known universe.

Please try to think of all those analogies seriously without prejudice.

Links:  http://asronspace.net

for the English translation by google translate:  

  • The bottom of all things is information

  • Then, a Big Bang, a start from the so-called singularity, which I rather call a Big Blow

  • Formation of an ever-growing massless cloud on the fabric of space

  • Space is quantized

  • Space is flat, Mass warps/distorts space

  • Universe will end by a Big Rip

  • When there will be no matter left, the space will be flat again

  • There are ten spatial dimensions in total

  • Formation of the elementary quantum particles, 31 x 2 = 62

  • Coloration of the elementary quantum particles, 57 x 2 = 114

  • Clustering of the elementary quantum particles due to gravity

  • Formation of massive gas clouds

  • Formation of the smallest atom, hydrogen under the pressure at the center of massive cloud

  • Fusion of hydrogen atoms into helium atoms by increased pressure and formation of a star

  • Growth of stars and formation of iron atom at their cores due to the increased pressure

  • The star collapses inward and explodes, turns into a neutron star, or a black hole

  • A neutron star collides with another neutron star.

  • All the atoms are now formed and completed.

  • Neutron star pulses and full Neutron star formation stages

  • Black holes are like foundation pillars inserted into space

  • Black holes can pierce the fabric of space

  • Galaxies are formed

  • Giving the scientific notation of our spiral galaxy, The Milky Way

  • Emergence of our solar system

  • Sun is made up of Hydrogen and Helium.

  • Appearance of life and then humans

  • Source of all life is water

  • We are all star stuff

  • Consciousness evolves being the pinnacle of creation.

  • Supersymmetry, SUSY

  • Parallel universes and Multiverses

  • Other conscious beings in the universe

  • The nerves passing through the ear cause facial paralysis and the balance is related to ear.

  • Humans started from one place and spread to the world

  • The best night to get pregnant: intercourse at the 11th night after the onset of menstruation





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