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ASRON, a new concept for the space. No Spacetime, only Space


An ocean is filled with water whose smallest building blocks are the waterdrops. The space is an ocean-like medium whose quantized building block is the ASRON. Ocean is the ASR and Asron is the waterdrop. A small difference though: The fish  exists in the ocean separetely from the ocean and moves among/between waterdrops, however, we exist with the asron grid and move through it. We are in it, it is inside us. If there is no asron grid, then there is no matter.

Time and Entropy are essentially the same thing. Time in the universe always moves in one direction towards future increasing in the positive side same as the total entropy of the universe -as a close system, always increases. Both of them can only increase.

I am talking about space and movements in the space-grid, but not about Spacetime bacause Spacetime is a fictious analogy, time is not a dimension. Movements in the space asron by asron are what make up the time.

Passage of time is the collection of the information of all the movements stored in our brain as memories, a sum of information that our brain stores in an orderly manner simply by counting. These movements include changes of our hormones creating our feelings and senses, too. So, feelings also arise as a result of the motion.

“The so-called arrow of time is the conscious track of movements, hence the increasing sum of information”. 

I can confidently state that there is before and after, but there is no past or future defined in terms of time. Those are not the same notions at all. Before and after are definitions for the changes in phase space by motion, and not time-dependent. We need to get used to the idea of replacing this feeling of “passage of time” with “memory/information” of all changes caused by motion to the states and positions of things, and the entropy as “the resulting state of all things by motion and hence position”. Then we see that “the total entropy is the sum of information of all the previous motions particle by particle per Planck unit” same as the collection of memory.

As I wrote above, not necessarily we have to be moving personally, because everything that makes us “us” are in constant motion inside us, all atoms, our organs, hearts, hormones, brains etc., are constantly moving. Similarly, our position and coordinates in the universe are always changing as well, by movements outside and above; as earth rotates on its own axis and revolves around the sun, sun rotates and travels around the galaxy and the galaxy rotates turning around in clusters through all those cosmic filaments. Down below, all the fundamental particles move, too.


The sun and the moon move in space, they don’t care about time. It is only us -people- who give time some physical meaning.

Moreover, “we falsely try to quantize the time which does not physically exist”. This just does not make sense, as much as it does not make sense to try to quantize “fear” or “pain” or anything we “feel”. You can say how much fear or pain you feel, but can never say or measure how many fears or how many pains you have. They are impossible to measure, so how can we quantize something we cannot measure without making reference to something else?

So, there is only motion, movements in spatial dimensions and “we are simply just counting them”. World revolves around the sun and we count “one year”, the world rotates around itself and we count “one day”, the minute hand or the second hand of a watch ticks and we count “one minute” or “one second”, respectively. And finally, we look at the atomic watches and when the Cesium-133 atom at the ground state oscillates and we count exactly till 9,192,631,770, then we again count “one second”.

The minimum quantity of motion is passing from one Asron brick to the next and I will be calling it “The Universal Tick”.  Independent of how much flattened, extended or thinned out an Asron block is, it is always the same one unit of motion to pass from one Asron brick to the next, it is always “One Universal Tick”. Whether it takes, from an observer point, one second or a billion years, it is just one single Universal Tick that we are looking at and counting. Therefore, when we say light moves about 300.000 m/sec in “vacuum”, in fact it means that light moves through 300,000 times 1036 Asrons (3x1041 Universal Ticks) in undistorted space or in other words, light makes that many Universal ticks per second. This also means;

No matter how flattened the Asron block, no matter how much squeezed, stretched or elongated; it always takes light “One Universal Tick” to jump from one Asron block to the next. This is the Constancy of the Speed of Light. That is the reason why two people at different gravity conditions or travelling at different speed think that the time for them flows"normally" while the other's is different.

The following conventional illustration is completely wrong.

Herebelow is the correct one that solves the quantum gravity problem as well as showing the true nature of the time dilations which in fact does not exist.

In any x-y-z coordinate space, if we move in any direction of only one dimension, then there is no change in the other dimensions, they remain constant. But in whichever dimension we move, we also move in the time dimension. This is the first thing to notice in answering to that wise and curious pupil. Unlike the two-directional spatial dimensions, the time seems to have no preference of directions for it to change, or for easy understanding I may say that “time is omni-directional” extending in one direction only towards future, simultaneously with any movement in all spatial directions -indifferently whether we move in the plus or minus directions. That is because in physical reality, “time is nothing but informationresulting from counting of the movements in the space, no matter in what dimension, and we can perfectly move in all the spatial dimensions, we simply count our movements in any direction in space and we remember.

In the geometry of hyperbolic 3-space, the square tiling honeycomb is one of 11 paracompact regular honeycombs. It is called paracompact because it can have infinite cells, whose vertices exist on horospheres and converge to a single ideal point at infinity.  


A geometric honeycomb is a space-filling of polyhedral or higher-dimensional cells, so that there are no gaps. It is an example of the more general mathematical tiling or tessellation in any number of dimensions.

Honeycombs are usually constructed in ordinary Euclidean ("flat") space, like the convex uniform honeycombs. They may also be constructed in non-Euclidean spaces, such as hyperbolic uniform honeycombs. Any finite uniform polytope can be projected to its circumsphere to form a uniform honeycomb in spherical space. Especially the “order 6 hexagonal tiling honeycomb” (6-3-6) is of iimportance because this honeycomb is self-dual represented as ●—6—o—3—o—6—o in the Coxeter-Dynkin diagrams (the big picture above). It is self-dual because If we reverse it, we get the same thing.

Nature repeats itself from the quantum particles to atoms and to space till the blackholes. Because this is the simplest and the perfect way of creation. I am not claiming that Asron is the same as a honeycomb, but it is one of the highly probable forms. Here is a wel known supporting proof:

The reason behind the incompleteness of Einstein’s equations to get to the bottom of the physical reality by his infamous equations lies in the fact that they all involved time as a “prime element” of physics. Because unfortunately time is nothing but one of the simplest yet oddest and oldest conceptual tools ever invented by mankind to interpret some experience. The feeling or memory (information) of what has happened till now, from a previous to the current position and state, as explained below.

The bottom of mathematics, known to the most ancient people was “counting” and still today that’s all we need to know in order to solve the greatest mysteries of the whole universe. Just start to move and count, and keep on counting till you will reach your destination. So, let’s start.

A simple question: Is there any fundamental particle having “time” as one of its intrinsic properties?

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