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The Big Blow - The Information Theory of the Universe - ITU


The Realm of Information, Analogies and Assertions on the

Universe, Space-Time, Gravity, Quantum Fields, Quantum Entanglement, Entropy, Super-String Super-Symmetry, Holographic Principle, Time and Time Dilation, Light Speed, Black Holes, White Holes, Worm Holes, Matter, Anti-Matter, Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Quantizing Gravity or Gravitazing Quantum, Universal Coherence & Concordance... And a full synthesis thereof:

With a holistic conceptualization of the implications from many theories and principles, both prominent and out of the box,  I synthesized them all like GM, QM, M-Theory, Holographic Principle, Uncertainty Principle, Exclusion Principle, Casimir Effect, Entanglement, Time and Time Dilation, Cosmic Foam, Dark matter and Dark energy, SUSY, Branes, Cosmic Background, Entropy etc., together with the scientific and observational data at hand related to the above subjects available to public, and came to a rest at two questions; “what was there” at the moment preceding the Big Bang in the first place and “what is there now beyond the Fabric Of Space surrounding us all around out of which the elementary particles pop in and out from seemingly nothing”. What was that “singularity” that had “exploded” and what caused it to explode. And there has to be something beyond that fabric of space which was already preexisting before the so-called Big Bang.

After considerable abstract reasoning as a non-scientist but with an engineering background, I opted for the idea that whatever existed before the so-called big bang still continue to exist beyond the boundaries of the fabric of space and then explained all the above subjects in a nutshell. Some of the below are already widely accepted common knowledge, but when it comes to the others, you will be reading them for the first time.  At first, you might feel a taste of reading a science-fiction text but that will not last very long.

Here is how... just by making use of 1) the second law of thermodynamics & entropy 2) Newton’s first law of motion, 3) Einstein’s General Relativity & Einstein Field Equations (EFE), Einstein Tensor and 4) the Planck Units.

Entropy, Time, 31 Fundamental particles, 10 Spatial Dimensions, 7 Spacetimes, 3 Colours & 3 Flavours & Spin of Elementary Particles, Casimir Effect, SUSY particles, the two-directions of or the omni-directional time dimension, Speed of Light, 3 Pillars of the Universe:  The Three Misunderstood”, “the unknowns”, namely 

“Time, Entropy and the so-called “General” Relativity”

Reality versus Relativity: Killing the Time and Einstein’s Relativity and Spacetime        

Despite the caption, I do not deny the formulas developed by Einstein but with a bold move, I intend to destroy both Time and Einstein’s Spacetime by taking them out of our physical reality and place them both into their true “mathematical-geometrical” nests and alongside it I will be revisiting the Gravity and say goodbye to Gravitons. Starting with some easy, well known but real analogies to warm up, please bear with patience the first two pages after which thing will get exiting.

 I will slowly prove that “Relativity” is not the “Reality”.

I will mention the names of Newton and Einstein to disprove something Einstein invented. They were real geniuses I admire who made huge contributions to science. Any negative reference here has no intention of attacking their greatness, but same as Einstein disproved Newton, I will attempt to disprove Einstein which may require very tiny harsh language.

The following classical/conventional illustration is completely wrong. The space grid does not contract near mass, to the contrary, it expands in all dimensions inwards the fabric of space beyond our 3D space.

Herebelow is the correct illustration that solves the quantum gravity problem as well as showing the true nature of the time dilations DUE TO GRAVITY. This explains in full why time slows near mass as well as why time seems to stop near a black hole, too.


The quantized blocks are not spherical, but mayberather like honeycombs filling all the space.

The detailed information, the quantized space explanation will follow further below.

Newton’s first law of motion makes a prediction about the relation between a force applied on an object with the object’s acceleration and that has already been proven by Einstein to be incomplete and inaccurate except for some special cases. Likewise, the notion that “mass distorts spacetime” explained by Einstein’s General Relativity as a consequence of the curvature of spacetime caused by the uneven distribution of mass is a very clever mathematical and geometrical analogy of reality, yet it is also already accepted to be incomplete, though nobody yet found why. In fact, it has never been able to accurately explain what it actually means in our physical reality, failing both at the smallest quantum particles and at the largest bodies, the black holes. Missing to be applicable at both ends of the universal scale, it plays quite well in the middle.

In fact, the same problem Einstein used to disprove Newton was already what rendered his own equations incomplete. What Einstein did was adding some perspective to the picture Newton drew, while leaving the root of the problem untouched. And then the problem grew even bigger and encompassed the globe being watered by the whole scientific world because it gives mathematically correct results, except above points.

Both Newton and Einstein see the universe and the reality from their local point of view. If we have a quick look at the two pictures below and make some rough comparisons, we realize that Newton sees the train rails from here to a limited distance x, whereas Einstein sees them from here till near infinity but still from his standpoint only. The fact is, they are both looking at it from a wrong angle in describing the rails in their all-true form.

From Newton’s Eye. from x = here to x = n meters at daily practical speeds

 From Einstein’s Eye. from daily speeds to near light speed from x = here to x = near ∞     

  Respectfully thanking the two Geniuses for their great achievements and contributions to science in their respective times, we need to move on. So, let me show you their difference by a very simple yet true analogy.  
Newton had drawn two train rails like parallel lines of equal distance both here and far away. Then, Einstein provided a perspective by drawing the far side of the rails narrower than “here” with the distance between the traverses getting shorter and shorter. This was indeed a huge conceptual achievement of a genius, yet in physical terms, it was nothing more than this very analogy I am making just now about for the train rails. Both of them are subjective and hence “perspective” cannot represent a universally true picture.

After reaching very confirming mathematical results, and observing the matching experimental data, Einstein convinced himself and the whole world the correctness of his own view. But unfortunately, he also failed to see the true picture from a universal perspective to notice a very huge difference between the relative and physical realities. And thereby, mankind lost more than hundred years in scientific advances because of human naivety.

Those calculations of Einstein explain the “far away” and “very speedy” things only from some defined references, not from a universal or general perspective.  That’s why all the explanations come in the form of “from that person’ view” or “from the other person’s view and lastly “from a third person’s view”, Relatively,

Well, then, where is the universal view that defines and comprises all of those viewers’ views?        

In reality, everyone knows that neither the width between the rails nor the distance between the traverses are changing according to his or her view at all. It is so obvious. So, perspective distorts the physical facts. They remain constant everywhere. But, when it comes to General Relativity, the world becomes conditioned to be unaware of such distortion.

Relativity uses a very simple tool known for thousands of years that incorporates math, geometry and trigonometry in order to find how something appears when we look at it from different distances and angles. This implies very clearly that adding perspective doesn’t give the real physical picture, but a relativistic picture. 

Same goes for the speed of light in respect to gravity. Speed of light does not change; it is our perception that creates such an inconsequence. We convert the reality to fit our understanding by way of mathematics and geometry, as explained further down below. For the train rails, we know the real fact about the rails and their perspective picture because we are able to travel and see them from all angles and at everywhere. 

But when it comes to Relativity, we miss to realize the same misconception when looking at the “infinitely small”,” infinitely far” and “infinitely fast”. This is the root problem in the Einstein’s Relativity.

By making use of geometry and trigonometry, we can find how the distance between the traverses decreases as the rails extend farther away as well as correctly calculating how the distance between the rails decrease, both converging to zero at infinity. This is also what we observe with our instruments. This is just the calculation of changes after adding perspective relative to someone looking at the rails from his point. But, as explained above, we all know that in reality neither the distance between the traverses nor the distance between the rails change. They are constant always and everywhere.

Thus, geometrical calculations or instrumental observations do not necessarily prove the physical facts.

In order to see the complete and the real picture, we have two options: either be able to exist everywhere at the same time or to find the universe’s most powerful telescope and look at the rails from an infinite distance perpendicular to the plane of the rails. Then we realize at first sight that it is the same thing both at the zero point and at the farthest point without any perspective. We further realize that Einstein’s General Relativity is not a genuine “Reality”, it is more like a “Perspective Reality” where he puts things into correct perspective. Nonetheless, his perspective is subjective rather than objective. Hence comes the name “Relativity”, not “Reality”.   

 Here is the “Universal View” in “Reality”

- ∞               0               1000 m                  10001000 m                    100010001000 m                       + 

From the Universe’s Eye.  The Universal Perspective. From x = - ∞  to   x = ∞

In reality, neither the two rails come closer nor the traverses or the distance between them gets any shorter. Everything remains the same here and there. It is only our senses that are fooled by visual effects. And not only that, our instruments are fooled, too.  So, those perspectives that we are adding to the picture or to “time” serves to normalize our feelings with mathematical and geometrical terms. Yet, the true physics cannot be based on transformation of feelings into mathematical formulas. The base of explaining the already known “perspective” will help understand its extension to “time” and “time dilation” in reality, not in relativity.

It may now look so simple but I have just transformed Einstein’s two-dimensional spacetime analogy to our 3D reality by adding it the “height”. I will do it for the so-called"spacetime" below. In Einstein’s view, the rails get closer to each other, meaning the traverses are getting shorter and shorter. Also, the distance between the successive traverses appear to be decreasing.

Unfortunately, Einstein made a huge mistake by applying such a perspective to “time” and “space” as if time here and time there are different which is only true from a subjective perspective, same as what I described him seeing his above view for the rails. Then the whole world bought his idea of such a “subjective perspective relativity” as a “General Relativity” as if it represents the actual physical picture in its entirety and “Generally”. People were very fond of it because it fit well to their subjective perceptions, too and thus jumped onto it with no questions asked.

By further extending this analogy, one will first find out that time is not a dimension at all and then understand that there is no physical time dilation corresponding to the mathematical calculations nor instrumental observations. Time dilation is simply adding perspective to our senses again, in describing things according to the experience of someone at a reference point, with respect to someone else sitting far away or moving fast away. This explains how somebody sees things relative to others, never reflecting the physically true reality. I will touch that further below.

It is crystal clear to me that, another huge mistake was and still is to assume that time is a dimension. Even a pupil would ask, then; if so, why don’t we have the two directions of it, like we have for all the other dimensions. Most people already know that the time dimension is nothing like any spatial dimensions. But still today, when no answer is available, some scientists turn to the idea of a “time-arrow” trying to explain something they experience but can’t point at, while some others try to find solace in a utopic universe where time can flow backwards, too. That’s because they were all misguided by a genius who “visualized” the time as the 4th dimensionwho combined space and time to a “fictious” spacetimeBut I will explain and show that “Time is not a dimension” at all.

A simple question: Is there any fundamental particle having “time” as one of its intrinsic properties?

  Arrows of Time

In any x-y-z coordinate space, if we move in any direction of only one dimension, then there is no change in the other dimensions, they remain constant. But in whichever dimension we move, we also move in the time dimension. This is the first thing to notice in answering to that wise and curious pupil. Unlike the two-directional spatial dimensions, the time seems to have no preference of directions for it to change, or for easy understanding I may say that “time is omni-directional” extending in one direction only towards future, simultaneously with any movement in all spatial directions -indifferently whether we move in the plus or minus directions. That is because in physical reality, “time is nothing but information” resulting from counting of the movements in the space, no matter in what dimension, and we can perfectly move in all the spatial dimensions, we simply count our movements in any direction in space and we remember.


The reason behind the incompleteness of Einstein’s equations to get to the bottom of the physical reality by his infamous equations lies in the fact that they all involved time as a “prime element” of physics. Because unfortunately time is nothing but one of the simplest yet oddest and oldest conceptual tools ever invented by mankind to interpret some experience. The feeling or memory (information) of what has happened till now, from a previous to the current position and state, as explained below.

The sun and the moon move in space, they don’t care about time. It is only us -people- who give time some physical meaning.

The bottom of mathematics, known to the most ancient people was “counting” and still today that’s all we need to know in order to solve the greatest mysteries of the whole universe. Just start to move and count, and keep on counting till you will reach your destination. So, let’s start.


Both of above formulas, which are already proven incomplete, involve “time” by taking it squared or inverse squared.  To me, this is like trying to build a physical construct by using something which is not physical; nothing more than a feeling or memory. Although giving mathematically “accurate” results under some special conditions, those equations could not interpret our physical reality in its entirety to combine the macro world and the micro world.

Newton did not take into consideration the very high speeds comparable to the speed of light and Einstein, while reaching up to the speed of light, failed to account for the conditions at both the largest and the smallest scales, namely at black holes and at quantum levels. So far, no one ever achieved to incorporate his General Relativity to Quantum Mechanics due to the problem of Gravity. And I firmly claim that no one can do so unless they give up using time in their primary equations, because unfortunately same as these famous equations, current notion of Gravity itself still involves time. I have devised solutions to that but that needs to wait a little more till I am finished with time.

I stated above that, “time is not a dimension”. So, how do we explain the experience of passage of time? Just why this so called “time-arrow” points in one direction but not the other? This profound question still remains a great scientific puzzle today. The standard answer is that the arrow of time follows from the Second Law of Thermodynamics that disorder, or entropy, always increases in a closed system.

The entropy formula where Q = motional energy (“heat”) that is transferred reversibly to the system from the surroundings and T = the absolute temperature at which the transfer occurs.Similar to the confusions in defining “time”, the classical definitions of entropy are also, still to this day, very raw and incomplete, if not wrong. In fact, The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that the state of entropy of the entire universe, as an isolated system, will always increase over time, with no mention to order or disorder which are just derivative assumptions based on “time”. So, entropy, too, cannot be anything physical.

Moreover, “we falsely try to quantize the time which does not physically exist”. This just does not make sense, as much as it does not make sense to try to quantize “fear” or “pain” or anything we “feel”. You can say how much fear or pain you feel, but can never say or measure how many fears or how many pains you have. They are impossible to measure, so how can we quantize something we cannot measure without making reference to something else?

We must stop quantizing time, instead “we have to quantize movement and space plus whatever fills the space which are physically meaningful” and then analyze them in order to better understand both entropy and time so that we find some correct links between the two in order to give some meaning to the so-called passage of time. And always remember that movement takes place in the space, not in spacetime.

Spacetime is just a not-so-simple invention of Einstein to conceptually and mathematically describe an unknown that is now being clarified, maybe not for the first time but most precisely.

There is another physically meaningful and fundamental element to quantize both in size, shape end strength, the most mysterious of all the fundamental elements which holds our space in place and no, not the gravitons at all, but rather a continuous wall of bricks, filling the whole space by forming a 3D grid, once introduced in a raw form (the ether) but then withdrawn and forgotten because of Einstein. I theorized by abstractly combining and synthesizing available common knowledge that such a wall must exist to combine the fractured physics, as explained separately further below.                                                      
To continue with entropy. All possible combinations of the particles’ properties define a different “phase space” which is the degree of freedom a system can have, a space of properties. The average distribution of individual particles in a phase space defines the “thermodynamic properties” of a system.  Entropy is directly related to the phase space; as the thermodynamic properties change, then the entropy changes. The universe is dynamic; all the elementary particles as well as all the cosmological objects “move” and hence the entropy changes constantly in the universe. The present state of all things added together with the collection of all the history of those movements, the history of trajectory “particle by particle” is the “sum of entropy information” and thus, as long as there is motion in the universe, this sum is destined to increase forever.


Therefore, entropy is neither about the direction of the flow of heat, nor a system’s being more orderly or disorderly. These are only the manifestations of the end states and there is only motion involved and motion can only be invoked by a force.

Due to those constant motions in the universe, everything is in an incrementally different state/position than the previous. The increasing sum of those changes as a result of motion, “the collection of this information” is what we are experiencing as the passage of time, as if time is moving one-directionally towards the future, by calling it the arrow of time. This is an increasing sum of information and possessing that information in the form of memories are what the ancients as well as the newbies described as the “passage of time”. Still, we continue to do so which has no primary scientific base in the real physical world.

Passage of time is the collection of the information of all the movements stored in our brain as memories, a sum of information that our brain stores in an orderly manner simply by counting. These movements include changes of our hormones creating our feelings and senses, too. So, feelings also arise as a result of the motion of the hormones.

“The so-called arrow of time is the conscious track of movements, hence the increasing sum of information”. 

I can confidently state that there is before and after, but there is no past or future defined in terms of time. Those are not the same notions at all. Before and after are definitions for the changes in phase space by motion, and not time-dependent. The scientific community needs to get used to the idea of replacing this feeling of “passage of time” with “memory/information” of all changes caused by motion to the states and positions of things, and the entropy as “the resulting state of all things by motion and hence position”. Then we see that “the total entropy is the sum of information of all the previous motions particle by particle per Planck unit” same as the collection of memory.

As I wrote above, not necessarily we have to be moving personally, because everything that makes us “us” are in constant motion inside us, our organs, hearts, hormones, brains etc., are constantly moving. Similarly, our position and coordinates in the universe are always changing as well, by movements outside and above; as earth rotates on its own axis and revolves around the sun, sun rotates and travels around the galaxy and the galaxy rotates turning around in clusters through all those cosmic filaments. Down below, all the fundamental particles move, too.

So, there is only motionmovements in spatial dimensions and “we are simply just counting them”. World revolves around the sun and we count “one year”, the world rotates around itself and we count “one day”, the minute hand or the second hand of a watch ticks and we count “one minute” or “one second”, respectively. And finally, we look at the atomic watches and when the Cesium-133 atom at the ground state oscillates and we count exactly till 9,192,631,770, then we again count “one second”.

Einstein’s genius definitely contributed enormously to the development of science and I celebrate that, but his introduction of “spacetime” as a concept caused the scientists readily plant this idea into their brains as the conventional wisdom and absolute physical fact and that’s what still keeping them retarding the acceleration of advances in science for more than a century now.

This blind belief even led to formulating a quantized unit for time and quantized unit of energy based on time. Paradoxically this is the biggest setback in the history of modern physics caused by a genius who at the same time contributed the biggest advances.  


So many brilliant ideas and theories may have been scrapped and gone astray just because of that.

The time is the counting of movements, and just that, a simple form of very useful informationIn this way the increasing sum of entropy can be linked to the “time-arrow” and describe the “passage of time.

We can now very clearly define time and entropy;
> Time is the feeling of the change by 
consciously keeping track of movements “before and after one/each single movement”.    
> Entropy is the final phase space resulting from all those movements.   
> Total entropy is the informative sum of the history of all those movements to arrive at that final phase space

Even if we have a look at the energy formulas from Planck equations, we see that both the classical constant form, as well as the wave constant form include time as a parameter and hence, from my point, cannot be regarded as prime equations.

Time dependent equations cannot be fundamental.

Once we get rid of time from the basic physical elements, then the Mass, its Movements, Space plus whatever fills the space and Electric Charge remains to be “physical” that can be physically measured directly. But I am not done yet because the electric charge, Ampere in its current definition unfortunately makes reference to time. We have to find a time independent unit for electric charge for it to become a physically measurable -time independent- unit, and I did it, too, a further topic to modify the International System of Units.

So, time… can we go back in time in classical terms? Definitely NO. Even if we reverse all the movements that have happened so far and thus reverse the arrow of time, we will again be moving in space and keep on counting in order to attain the conditions of the moments precedent, i.e. the past. So, reversing the arrow of time will not take us back in time, it will still be our future where ever we end up. Even by moving backwards, we always move towards our future as counting of motion goes on, thus total entropy is still increasing through counting. We can reach a previous phase space and hence the same entropy as before, but the total sum of entropy goes on to increase indefinitely by each move. And thus, we are always moving towards future.

These are the correlations between the “non-physical” Entropy and “non-physical” Time through “physical Mass, Motion and Space”.

After having explained the concept of time hopefully enough, the explanation of Time Dilation should follow now. After debunking time, the Time Dilation deserves no better. Together with the inexistence of the Time Dilation what will reveal itself is the reason of the constancy of “Speed of Light”. The speed of light is indeed constant and does not change in respect of gravity, nor at any blackhole event horizon.

Same as decreasing the thickness -the width- of a steel sheet by rolling it under pressure between two rolls thereby diluting its dimension spanning its width, the time dimension, by analogy also gets thinner under the pressure of mass and/or energy. Thus, again by analogy, The Time Dilation is nothing more than thinning and dilution of the time dimension. As for a steel sheet requiring two rolls pushing from both sides, the time is also being thinned out under rolls, namely by mass that surrounds it from all the spatial dimensions.

It is time to look at Einstein’s Field equations (EFE) of General Relativity It important to note here that, as I try to disprove the physical existence of both time and spacetime, there has to be something holding the space together, preventing it from falling down onto the fabric of space. More than a hundred years ago “that something” was about to be found but before the idea could have sprouted its fruits, it hit the walls of General Relativity. Einstein proved that spacetime is very stiff, highly resilient and established the mathematical construct that yields to the Tensile Strength of Spacetime by the Einstein Tensor, with the local energy and momentum within that spacetime. He could not realize that it is not the Tensile Strength of any “Spacetime” but of the base of space, the “Fabric of Space”, He came to disregard the physical reality of a base of space by adding his analogy to reality, his perspective by mathematics and geometry thereby making it fitting our sensual perception of the universe, just like adding perspective to train rails and traverses. And of course, no doubt the maths would work out to be just fine just as it works fine with the train rails through trigonometry. 

Slowly, then, the “Relativity” started to be considered as and confused with “The Physical Reality”.            
Ironically, Einstein was very close to prove through EFE the existence of “that something” only if he had not mixed up the space and what fills it, and could have treated them separately. Unfortunately, he chose to go the wrong way, “the dead-end of spacetime”. 

The left-hand side 'G' is the Einstein tensor symbol, Einstein’s Field equations (EFE) represents the resulting details of how space-time is warped or curved. The “G” on the right is the Newton’s Gravitational Constant and 'T' symbol contains information about the distribution of matter and energy in the spacetime, which is also known as the stress-energy tensor and finally, c is the speed of light.

This is the formula and the value of the gravitational constant and of course c = 300.000 m/s. When we insert the values of those constants in Einstein’s Field equations (EFE) of General Relativity and the constant derived for the Einstein Tensor, the warping of the spacetime turns out to be the following:
We realize that when T in above formula is taken as 1, the result is 2x10^-43, two times the Planck Time and I will derive this number from very simple analogies down below.

For easy understanding, this is, or must be, after when the Asron block breaks apart. Keep this number in mind and witness how I will find the same with no single formula required.

All these movements I explained above are of course taking place in the space, same as light travelling in it. So, let’s have a look at how light moves in our eyes.

The “space” of the eye is called the vitreous body which is a transparent, colorless, gelatinous substance. It makes up 80% of the volume of the eyeball, fills the vitreous cavity-space between the lens and the retina. The retina is the base of the vitreous body. The vitreous body is fluid-like near the center, and gel-like near the edges. The vitreous body, among its other functions like freely transmitting and focusing the light, helps the eye to maintain its shape and turgidity, its inflated state.

So, what helps maintain the shape and turgidity, the inflated state of our space? We know for almost certain that in nature things are made up of the most efficient and simplest forms and certain patterns repeat themselves from the micro to the macro world. The universe’s excellent coherence and concordance is almost perfectly proven, thus we can say:

             Simplicity is the path to perfection.

Similar to our eyes being filled with some vitreous body, the space is also completely swollen and blown with some other vitreous-like, similar to gluons, but invisible, transparent super strong superfluid forming a “Space-Grid” in tiny bricks at Planck units allowing the formation of matter in space. That’s also what holds the space-grid together. Thus, such a space-grid erected by quantum building blocks prevents the skies and all matter in it from        sinking into the fabric of space. The Space-Grid is indeed the transparent cement bricks making up “The Wall of the Spacetime” cemented by what I will be naming and referring to as the space-bricks of “Asrons”. Same as the travelling freely in the vitreous body in the eye, matter freely travels in the Asron light body of space.           Nature repeats itself, Live or not, big or small

Just like in the eye, the base of those Asron walls is the “Fabric of Space” and is of the same substance.” I will explain this further below; as in our eye’s space, same in outer space.

The Asron is the quantized “elastic cement block” of the space and the gravity is resulting from the “contraction” and “elongation” of these elastic Asron bricks, the building blocks of the Space-grid at the base, The Fabric of Space, are clinched together so strongly that nothing can break that grid. But, an extremely huge power, a black hole can pierce it by breaking the Asron Brick at its centre-of mass.  Clearly, such contraction and elongation are caused by mass/energy.

This super-strong superfluid could have already been abstracted from Einstein’s Field Equations, EFE, as he has proven that the “spacetime” is extremely resilient. I do celebrate his wonderful insights. But as he made himself believe that there “really” is a “spacetime” corresponding to his geometrical descriptions, he couldn’t propagate this idea further to find the physical reality behind it. Math fits the observation, so we can sit there forever. The math also fits the observation for the train rails with perspective, and we know they don’t represent the physical facts. The scientific community were just stuck at all of Einstein’s ideas but this one was the strongest fictious idea that has ever been cemented to the minds of the scientific world to take relativity for reality; the notion that space and time are inseparable qualities of the universe. Space and time became space-time, or just spacetime - the cosmic fabric into which we are all woven. Now science is woven to relativity’s spacetime and cannot get rid of it to find the correct path to reality.

Now from relativity to reality: Asrons are under pressure exerted from all directions by matter/energy at the point of centre-of -mass towards out of our space: from the fabric of space inwards the Quantum and Information layers. (explained later).

Contrary to the common idea that the gravity is an extremely small force compared to the other fundamental forces, these invisible building blocks of the walls holding the space in its place, the superfluid and super strong Asron-bricks has tremendous Compressive Strength. It is so strong that only a black hole can pierce it. Einstein’s Tensor also implies the same thing; An immense amount of stress has to be created by concentrating so huge mass and energy at a point so that we can arrive at a folded-like warp as in the case of a neutron star or a black hole.

Hence, to conclude “the gravity is the ‘Compressive Strength’ of the Asron blocks”  

Well then, apparently, there is no such particle called “graviton” except in some fairy tales.

The theoretical physicists are endeavouring in vain to find ways to combine the nature’s “fundamental forces” between “fundamental particles”. The only remaining one they could not unify is the gravity force based on fictious “gravitons”. Unless they do not realize the correctness of my explanations above, they will never be successful.

To continue about “time” with the “steel” analogy; if we are able to roll a steel sheet without breaking it, we could thin it down to a Planck’s unit after which it will lose its width dimension by breaking apart. That dimension of the steel is destroyed and vanished. Similarly, if we cram too big a mass on the so-called  “time dimension”, finally when one unit of Planck’s time in the spacetime is smashed by rolling it down to more than 10^-43 seconds, then the Asron brick is broken apart and destroyed at the centre-of-mass, thereby creating a “Black Hole” at a point where the space-grid collapses and vanishes. As we cannot roll any further one quantized unit of any physical dimension, we need to put two units to roll it down to less than two times thereby breaking one or both of them. This is like one Planck time in our spacetime is pushed shorter than 10-43 sec by rolling two Planck times into less than 2x10^-43, namely if 2t<2x10^-43 sec then, one Asron, the space-grid collapses.        

2t   <    2x10^-43

Isn’t that the equivalent of Einstein’s Tensor with no cramping hairy formulations?

We reached again the Planck’s time, but it is not about “time” at all, except being utilized as a derivative similar to incorporating perspective to reality. It is the “contraction” and “elongation” of the space-grid in all existing spatial dimensions. It is not about warping the “spacetime”, rather it is the mass& energy compressing the Asron blocks elongating them inwards the Quantum World of antiparticles and the Information Ground (both explained separately).

Coming back to the “thinning” of the time dimension; I explained that time is nothing but counting each and every single motion. The minimum quantity of motion is passing from one Asron brick to the next and I will be calling it “The Universal Tick”.  Independent of how much flattened, extended or thinned out an Asron block is, it is always the same one unit of motion to pass from one Asron brick to the next, it is always “One Universal Tick”. Whether it takes, from an observer point, one second or a billion years, it is just one single Universal Tick that we are looking at and counting. Therefore, when we say light moves about 300.000 m/sec in “vacuum”, in fact it means that light moves through 300,000 times 10^36 Asrons (3x10^41 Universal Ticks) in undistorted space or in other words, light makes that many Universal ticks per second. This also means;

No matter how flattened the Asron block, no matter how much squeezed, stretched or elongated; it always takes light “One Universal Tick” to jump from one Asron block to the next. This is the Constancy of the Speed of Light.

In terms of “length”, even if we extend one side of an Asron block to near infinity, it will be the same single move considering a Universal Tick as to jump from an Asron brick to the next. I have made several repetitions of the same thing here and throughout the whole text with the hope that all these has just lit a bulb in someone’s head as to why time almost stops at event horizon of a black hole and why even light cannot escape a black hole after this point as well as why we cannot exceed the speed of light. Still, I will explain little further to be clearer.

As mentioned above in brief, the space is a structure of invisible walls of infinite bricks or blocks, I call Asron, quantized at Planck’s volume. Then, the quantized movement becomes moving from one Asron block to the next and then the quantized time is nothing but a unit of single movement, just a Universal tick, no matter the circumstances are it is the same all over the universe. To go over a single Asron brick, we have to make two Universal ticks, first jump from brick one to brick two and then from brick two to brick three so that we have crossed over the brick number two. This will be important to remember for later.

The following conventional illustration is completely wrong. The grid does not contract, to the contrary, it expands with mass in all 7 dimensions except our 3D space.

Herebelow is the correct one that solves the quantum gravity problem as well as showing the true nature of the time dilations DUE TO GRAVITY.

The result of Einstein’s formula implies in fact that we cannot move matter over one Asron block in less than 2x10^-43 seconds, two Planck time. But again, it is not about time, it is about trying to squeeze an Asron brick into less than a volume of (10^-36)^3 cubic meter which would cause the Asron block to break apart.  

It obviously implies that the maximum mass/energy that one Planck unit volume of space, an Asron brick, can hold and support is exceeded.

Let me continue little further from a different “perspective”. I mean, exactly and literally from the notion of perspective above, in drawing pictures, like two parallel lines of train rails extending to infinity. Already explained above in distances, let me now extend it to “time”.

If those two rail lines were 10^43 meters wide apart at where we are standing, then at a point near infinity this length would, in our perspective, become 1 meter only, and then converge to zero at infinity. Conversely, if the rails are 2 meters apart here, we will see the rails as 2x10^-43 meter apart near infinity (two Planck time), remember the value of Einstein’s Tensor. Let’s recall that light has to make twice Universal Clicks to crossover the rails for the reason explained for the Asron blocks of 10^-43 meters. That means, taking the length near infinity as our reference, then we have 2x10^43 times more of that distance to cover here relative to an object at the reference point.

Now we can focus on photons and the speed of light. If we are looking at a photon moving near the event horizon and compare it to a photon near us, we will see that our photon here has to move 10^43 meters in order to cross the rails while we watch the distant photon near the event horizon and see it moving just a mere one meter. Considering the distance between Milky Way and Andromeda galaxy is 2,4x10^19 meters and the diameter of the observable universe is 8.8×10^26 meters, then we realize that 10^43 meters is almost an infinite length and thus it requires nearly an infinite amount of “time”, while we watch the photon near the event horizon and see it as moving between two rails infinitely slow. Because it will appear to us that the photon near infinity needs almost an infinite amount of time to move just a mere 1 meter. So, we say from our perspective, relative to us, that the distant photon almost stopped. In fact, the distance between the rails is just the same distance both here and at infinity, remember? So, both photons are travelling the same distance, both here and at infinity.

Remember these explanations when you say Light almost stops at near the event horizon of a black hole. The event horizon is the circumspherical area of the highly (almost infinitely) elongated Asrons around the Asron block which is broken at the centre-of-mass of the black hole until where the light will travel at the same constant speed and then will disappear.    

 I guess, no further analogies are required for the time dilation and the invariance of the speed of light and hope it is clear so far that “there is nothing as time or spacetime, there is 3D Space filled with superfluid super-strong Asron Bricks, clinched together even stronger than their own strength.

Though it is obvious, I have to expressly state that any references I make to “time” and “spacetime” to explain things are for convenience only, as I have already stated that neither of them exists in physical reality.

Let’s take two things that physically exist; a wave and a solid. Here is a wave. At first glance to the figure on the left, we physically see two elements in the sketch of a wave, namely its wavelength and amplitude. Can anyone show any time component to it? If it cannot be seen directly, can anyone measure it somehow?


What is the time of this wave? No physical answer exists, I assume.

Similarly, here is an iron ingot on the right. We can see its length, width and height plus we can measure its mass. Let me ask again, what is the time of this iron ingot? Does anyone know or find it in anyway?

  To finish: “Is there any fundamental particle having time as one of its intrinsic properties?       

I further developed my abstract findings to explain several yet unexplained phenomena; the so-called Big Bang, The Quantum Entanglement, Black Holes, Quantum Vacuum, Vacuum Energy, Matter-Antimatter, Particle Spin, Dark Energy, Dark Matter, Information, Holographic Principle, Branes and Multiverses. The only remaining “prime” topics are Consciousness and particle-wave duality of the double-slit experiment. I hope to delve into both subjects after I complete writing down the explanations for the ones I believe to have resolved on solid grounds.

Now, let me continue with the remaining unsolved mysteries of the universe.

I will first handle the matter-antimatter and the start of the universe issues, which will lead us to the vacuum, the vacuum energy and the black holes:

Simplicity is the path to perfection.

Revisiting the Big Bang and the matter – antimatter imbalance of the early universe

As I wrote above, everything in nature forms in the most efficient and yet the simplest ways. We have in hand the observable information that when a particle and its antiparticle come in contact, they annihilate each other and pop out of physical existence by releasing energy. Finding the best, the most efficient and the correct solution needs to be the simplest one, thus simple reengineering is required to start with; we have to input that energy back at the same point where they disappeared in order to bring back both the particle and its antiparticle. In order for the same particle-antiparticle pair to pop into existence, which requires that when they disappeared their information must have been stored so that they can be restored, or otherwise any other particle-antiparticle pair would form. The fact that we do not yet possess that power or technology does not violate this assertion.

By taking the simple form of energy-mass equivalence of E = M*C2.

E = M*C2 è  C2 = (E/M)  è  C = + (E/M)1/2 è C1 = 300.000 m/sec and C2 = -300.000 m/sec

We do have two solutions, C1 is the speed of light in the direction of the expansion of our spacetime, and C2 is the speed of light travelling in the opposite direction of the time dimension.

Let’s remember here that Spacetime symmetries are used in the study of exact solutions of Einstein's Field Equations of general relativity (EFE of GM). Now I will retell this story as to what is really going on with the spacetime symmetry and supersymmetry, together with the negative solution for C in physical reality.

It is believed that the particles and anti-particles are created exactly in the same amounts and at the same time at the so-called Big Bang. But when a particle meets its antiparticle, they annihilate each other by releasing energy; so why there is matter instead nothing is a question that science has so far not been able to bring any plausible explanation. There are of course, assertions based on some “chances”. When it comes to some simpler topics all the scientists agree that there is nothing called “chance” and declare him/her an outcast anyone talking about it for reality. But most of them feel no shame in assuming some chances for the particle-antiparticle conundrum; mmm they murmur, maybe by chance there were a little more particles than antiparticles. How naive if not ridiculous.

Yet, contrary to the unfortunate widely accepted common opinion, they have not annihilated each other at the big bang. They co-existed, so to speak, only at the instant they were created, then the anti-particles disappeared from our spacetime in less than a Planck’s unit of time, namely less than 10-43 sec, without any annihilation. Certainly, no process could have taken place in a shorter time as this can be the minimum length of time, we are able to detect something. If you follow the idea for a moment, it makes total sense that no annihilation process could take place and this further implies that right after their creation, matter and antimatter were not present together at all in the spacetime for a quantum time duration.

The moment elementary particles are created, normal particles are thrown towards our future (our spacetime) and anti-particles are seemingly thrown towards the future of the opposite direction of the time dimension. That’s why many scientists are confused claiming the existence of mirror-spacetimes or parallel universes where time flows backwards. That’s partly true analogy, but this opposite direction of time is in fact where lies the fabric -the boundary- of the space and the anti-particles were gone under it and got stuck there. This is because under the fabric of spacetime, neither time nor any space (dimensions) exist for any further motion. From our perspective, they are squeezed between our spacetime and “something seemingly nothing”. They, the anti-particles, don’t move but just oscillate-in-place under the fabric of space as explained below.

I have to expressly state that any references I make to time and spacetime to explain things are for convenience only, as I have already stated that neither of them exists in our physical reality.

Thus, nothing did move into the future or the past direction of the time dimension. Time dimension simply does not exist. What happens is, the normal particles are thrown and they move inside our space and the antiparticles stay put, just oscillate under the fabric of space.

When a particle and its antiparticle come in contact, they do not become “nothing”, they return to their information states and we convince ourselves that they have been annihilated. When the information is hit by pure high energy, like by most energetic neutrinos, then the physically observable quantum particles are created in pairs. Yet these particles need space to extend into, like the space where we live in. The normal particles are sent to our space and the antiparticles are sent backwards under the fabric of space.

Under the fabric of space where there is seemingly nothing, starts the “Information Realm” as information is the base of all things. In fact, all what are considered to be going backwards in time are stuck under the surface of the fabric of space thereby forming on the Information Realm, a Quantum counter-part of normal matter in equal number of fundamental antiparticles, except that there is no “space-grid” to form a space construction like our reality. Similar to a mirror image, yet not a real mirror-reality but a mirror image of mass. The quantum-counterparts are rather like a “Holographic Surface” filled by dunes of antiparticles. Maybe that’s why some people arrive the wrong idea of a holographic universe.

The core point is to note that same mass exists in the quantum-counterpart but it doesn’t have any space to move except for oscillating in place and that’s due to the constant cosmic rain falling from our space onto the fabric of space. This will be very important in explaining the entanglement paradox. Our reality and the quantum counterpart co-exist connectedly, all stemmed simultaneously at the so-called big bang from the Information Realm in a process that had to be the opposite and reverse of the annihilation process of particle-antiparticle pair.  It should be noted that, I am not referring to any “anti-matter” because they simply don’t exist. Matter needs a “space-grid” to form while this doesn’t exist in the quantum-counterpart where everything is in continuous oscillations-in-place. Basically, matter is a physical substance whereas mass is a quantitative property. So, there is mass in the quantum-counterparts as a separate aggregation of antiparticles, but there is not any matter.

The creation of a particle and its antiparticle is a process of separating the “information”, a separation of physical nothingness, exactly like separating “zero” to make minus one and plus one, or twice minus 1 and a single plus 2 or any equal amounts of minuses and pluses made up of different numbers. What happens when a particle and its anti-particle come in contact is that, they return to be the “information” they used to be, meaning physical nothingness, total physical annihilation, same as adding together minus one and plus one resulting in zero. “Zero is a physical nothingness, but still it is an important piece of information”. I can even extend this assertion to physical terms; when a neutron and a proton is collided by extremely huge energies, as a result of such a collision, a proton, a neutron and again a proton and an antiproton are created.

P + N = P + N + P +   P-

  • P + N + 0 = P + N + P +  P-
  • 0 = P + P-   where 0 is nothing but information and thus information equals one proton plus one antiproton. In fact that zero is also a sum of much smaller particles which in the end diverges to pure information.

The Information Ground is a timeless (no movement) and massless presence of all fundamental things in their information states. Then, at one point “a Ginormous Force hit the Information Ground” that caused incredible amount of particle antiparticle pairs to get lose and separated from the Information Ground and the very first elementary particles were blown like a cloud of smoke in the form of particle-antiparticle pairs out into a 10-dimensional space while their antiparticles formed like dunes on the Information Ground. Then a space grid was formed filled with Asrons thereby making possible the formation of the matter in space. Most possible explanation for the Asron space grid is that this was also the result of the collision of energy with information. Although I have it as an abstract thought, I am not yet able to visualize and describe the very first formation of space grid and the Asrons.

I thus arrived at a conclusion that our universe was born owing to a “Creation Energy” blown onto the “Information Ground”, such energy being the opposite equivalent of the “Annihilation Energy” amount of which equals “the total annihilation energy of all the matter+energy in our universe”. This is the creation of matter from physical nothingness, from Information similar to separating “zero” into many pieces as explained above with a difference of an energy input.

The Information + Force --> Our Universe

Thus, our universe did not begin by an explosion of enormous amount of mass squeezed in an infinitesimal space (or any singularity). The universe began by colliding enormous amount of force with the Information Ground. Yet, as information is thought to be still and tranquil quintessence, having probably no movement, then it must be the energy forcefully beamed onto Information Ground thereby “SEPARATING” the information into “particles and antiparticles” and blowing them outwards the space. To me, this is the ultimate explanation of the so-called Big Bang we have been searching for over a century.

And voila, it was not a Big Bang but “THE BIG HIT” or in my terms “THE BIG BLOW & GLOW”.

While the particles were thrown into space, the anti-particles simply rested on the Information Ground like a “Holographic Surface filled by dunes of anti-particles”.

 After that Big Separation, the fabric of space got created on the Information Ground by virtue of the Asrons forming at the bottom, same as what the bees do; the base of a honey-comb and of the same shape upwards at Planck’s volume. As in the case of “same in the eye’s space, is the space out there” explained above, nature just repeats again in here and out there for the creation of the Fabric of Space.

The universe is not much different than our atmosphere. Same as winds carry clouds and then rain falls on earth, the cosmic rains are carried away and falls onto the Fabric of Space from all directions. All the most energetic cosmic rays from the space, especially the neutron stars and the quasars constantly raining onto and hitting the Information Ground thereby causing the formation of a “Cosmic Foam” and continuous “quantum separations” that we observe as the phenomena of the elementary particles popping in and out seemingly from nothing in an empty space, endowing empty space with energy. This should be enough to explain that “empty space” which is not empty at all, is a playground where a continuous creation is taking place as exchanges of particles and energy through the fabric of space.

“This is a marvellous Continuous Creation through Quantum Separations, Non-Stop Quantum Big Bangs, Continuous Quantum Blows”.

Energy + Information = Physical Particles à Particles in space + antiparticle on the Information Ground as dunes of antiparticles.

So, that’s how and why all elementary particles with mass are created in pairs.

The Spacetimes -one of which is our reality, are sitting totally back-to-back to their quantum-counterparts -the Quantum-realms of the realities and they are separated from us by the Fabric of Space through which the elementary particles can travel back and forth constantly. The Cosmic Ground, on the other hand, is the “Realm of Information” lying under these Quantum-Counterparts encompassing everything. Therefore, the rock-bottom base of everything is “Information” and in physical terms, information is “Nothing”. The information cannot be physically destroyed, same as we cannot destroy zero apple of Sir Isaac Newton.  

The final layer of our universe is an envelope of information, encompassing everything.

The Information + Energy --> Our Reality + The Quantum-Counterpart  

As the information is physically nothing, our spacetime is indeed created physically from no mass or matter but from force ad information.

As to the shape of Asron, we have to imagine that the nature got created at its best forms and remember again that creation repeats itself from the quantum particles to atoms and to space till the blackholes. Same pattern applies from the smallest to the largest scales, because this is the simplest and perfect way of creation as partly seen through the Fibonacci Series. Yet, it is a different pattern than in these pictures which shapes the Asron Blocks but The honey-comb.

Let’s repeat: Simplicity is the path to perfection.

Asrons are under pressure exerted from all directions by matter/energy and dark matter at the point of centre-of-mass and towards the quantum realm. Same as the light travelling freely in the vitreous body in the eye, matter travels in the Asron body freely. In this process here, as particles and antiparticles all have the opposite properties of the corresponding anti-part, all forces between the spacetimes and the quantum-realms cancel out by leaving the only difference being the contraction of the Asron blocks under the pressure of mass/energy from the two sides (spacetime and the quantum-counterpart). As explained below, the Asron blocks and the resulting Space-grid is a characteristic of our space/reality only, it doesn’t exist in the quantum-counterpart where everything exists as an aggregation of separate quanta equivalent to any particle with mass in a spacetime.

Hence, to conclude “the gravity is the ‘Compressive Strength’ of the Asron blocks

 explain by buoyancy of water – elation to space of Asr, resistance to mas, speed vs aging, loosing energy


In the geometry of hyperbolic 3-space, the square tiling honeycomb is one of 11 paracompact regular honeycombs. It is called paracompact because it can have infinite cells, whose vertices exist on horospheres and converge to a single ideal point at infinity.

A geometric honeycomb is a space-filling of polyhedral or higher-dimensional cells, so that there are no gaps. It is an example of the more general mathematical tiling or tessellation in any number of dimensions.

Honeycombs are usually constructed in ordinary Euclidean ("flat") space, like the convex uniform honeycombs. They may also be constructed in non-Euclidean spaces, such as hyperbolic uniform honeycombs. Any finite uniform polytope can be projected to its circumsphere to form a uniform honeycomb in spherical space. Especially the “order 6 hexagonal tiling honeycomb” (6-3-6) is of iimportance because this honeycomb is self-dual represented as ●—6—o—3—o—6—o in the Coxeter-Dynkin diagrams (the big picture above). It is self-dual because If we reverse it, we get the same thing.

Nature repeats itself from the quantum particles to atoms and to space till the blackholes. Because this is the simplest and the perfect way of creation.


This is my “Big Blow Theory of Everything”, as further detailed in the following pages.

You should now be thinking in big awe of the source of that “Ground of Infinite Information” and of that “Enormous Creation Energy”, but it will be the subject of my next story.

Clearly, all those are implications of formation of a black hole, where we have a “Gateway” or a “Worm Hole” opening directly into the Information Realm. Given enough energy, once in the Information Realm, by use of another Gateway we can pop up in a far distant point either in our spacetime, or even in any other spacetime. Another ensuing understanding is that, there are no white holes, sorry you guys who have spent lots of time and effort on that white dream.

Before getting to step by step explanation of the theory, let me add something more. Now then, leaving the “time” out, we have to focus on finding fundamental answers based on things that are prime in the universe, physical and quantizable. Excluding time in full confident, such primary things include; mass as kgs or length as meters, amplitude in meters, wavelength as meters, etc. Anything that is derivative like speed being meters per second and hence the speed of light and even, due to wrong formulations, energy being kg. meter^2 per second^2 or force being kg. meter per second^2 cannot be cannot correctly define prime quantized physical elements in attaining the universe’s ultimate physical facts. These are all mankind’s imaginary inventions for calculation purposes. If we take the Coulomb’s Electric Force formula;

FE = k*q1*q2/r2 where,          
k is Coulomb constant in Newton which is 8.9875517923×109 kg. /s2                    
q is electric charges in ampere, a unit of electric current equal to a flow of one coulomb per second and one coulomb is equal to the amount of charge from a current of one ampere flowing for one second.

The definition of charge in Ampere is explained by coulomb and second and then coulomb is explained by Ampere and second. Wasting so much valuable time intertwined in seconds, a circular flaw. It cries out loud “I’m weird” but nobody hears. It seems, Einstein not only blinded everyone, he also deafened them.

In fact, one coulomb is equal to the charge of 6.241 x 1018 protons. The charge on 1 proton then is 1.6 x 10^-19 C. Conversely, the charge of an electron is -1.6 x 10^-19 C.

But despite of a formula very much linked to time, still, after cancellations of the units, in the end we get;           

FE = 8.9875517923×10^9
 m*kg3 a result with no reference to time and thus can be correctly quantized. That means I have just transformed the non-physical definition of electric force into a physically quantizable element, all expressed in physically measurable and quantizable prime elements. So, in this form I can say that the electric force is a measure of cubic mass times distance and this will represent a prime force& charge unit based on fundamental elements, independent of time. This additionally yields that we can also similarly define Gravitational force as cubic mass times the distance squared, leaving no need to any gravitational constant whatsoever. As I stated above, current notion of Gravity involves “time” and hence cannot be combined neither with the quantum world nor with the Black holes because gravity is nothing physical in terms of Einstein’s spacetime geometry.

I hope this will enable QM physicists to combine Gravity into their equations in the form I have just derived.

As Energy equals Force times distance, then energy unit becomes E = kg3m2 meaning cubic mass times the distance squared. Now we have prime definitions both for Force and Energy. In that regards, “Power becomes a derivative unit” because its definition has to involve time.

We need to make corrections to all our fundamental equations to cancel out all the elements involving time. As an example;

All the equations with a target of explaining the fundamentals of the universe which make reference to “time” as a fundamental physical element are doomed to stay incomplete and must be revisited. This is the reason why both Newton’s equations and Einstein’s equations are not able to represent the universe in all scales.

We can make use of secondary elements like kg.m/s2 in defining the basic mechanisms of the universe, the fundamentals of physics. But if we continue to do the opposite, like taking time as a prime physical element, we witnessed that famous equations involving time proved to yield incompleteness as well as leading to huge misunderstandings and confusions by making things extremely difficult to the extent that they even may not be solved.

It is time to leave our traditional deep attachment to time to the affairs in our daily life and developing technology but we have to kill it in the science of physics as a fundamental element and take it out of our SI system, downgrade it where it belongs; into the derivatives list.

There are seven base units in the SI system. The basis of the SI system of physical units in the metric system are the meter- kilogram-second-ampere and the “second” took its place there long ago but it is still there because of Einstein.     

The internationally accepted metric unit of force, Newton, N expressed in kg.m/s2 involves two physically measurable elements which are mass and distance plus one non-physical thus non measurable element which is time. Hence, I can discard it to be Fundamental Force element in that form. Likewise, as the basic energy unit of the metric system, Joule, is also defined in terms of the meter, kilogram, and second, thus I discard it, too.

The picture on the left shows the relations between the fundamental elements of physics, or nature. Unfortunately, unless we take out the “time” out of that picture, and hence the “ampere” defined in terms of time, we will never be able to arrive at any universal “physical” unity. Same as we cannot combine General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics.

To give an idea of utilizing derivative elements to describe a primary element, take “distance”, d for instance;           
1) d = E/F where d is a prime element while E is energy and F is force, both being derivative elements in their classical forms. 
2) d = V/f where V is velocity like m/s and f is frequency 1/s and hence velocity per frequency is distance in meters. Now, then E/F = V/f, ratio of energy to force is equal to the ratio of velocity to frequency. Since we can quantize distance, and hence volume, the derivatives become fabricated constants derived from quantized fundamental elements, like the constancy of the speed of light “c” or the universal “constant” for energy “h”. I hope one can see the unnecessity of time as a prime element in the physical universe.

I have to expressly state that any references I make to “time” and “spacetime” to explain things are for convenience only, as I have already stated that neither of them exists in physical reality.


 The Cosmic Ground = The Realm of Information

Time/Mass Correlation

  1. Our “Space” exists on a quintessence viscous super fluid quantum layer, hereafter “The Quantum Ground” under which lies “The Realm of Information” or “The Information Ground”, the latter of which already existed before the time has started. The Information Ground, the Cosmic Ground and the Space are parts of our universe.
  2. The Cosmic Ground is the “Quantum Realm” spread on a potential of infinite mass & energy in the form of a “Quantum Information Pool”. It comprises all the information for the existing quantum constituents and the essence of our reality and probably much more.
  3. The Information Ground, while potentially containing all the information of the quantum constituents of the universe, has no mass & energy formation in itself because mass would require -at least at Planck units- loose space to get created.
  4. Hence the Information Ground is a timeless and massless presence of all fundamental things in their information states.
  5. Then, at one point some information got separated from the Information Ground getting struck by a ginormous force and were blown out into a 10-dimensional space thereby forming a cloud of quanta.
  6. Thus, the known Universe was born due to a “Creation Force” being the opposite equivalent of the “Annihilation Energy” amount of which equals “the total annihilation energy of our universe”. This Creation Energy is the opposite of putting a particle and its antiparticle together, it is the creation of matter and antimatter simultaneously from physical nothingness, from Information same as dividing zero explained above in the introduction.
  7. This was the Point Zero of the universe, or what we know as the singularity of The Big Bang, which is more correctly “The Big Separation” or “The Big Blow”, the starting of Space-Grid and forming of the elementary quantum particles.
  8. Our Universe is a formation of 10 Spatial dimensions plus Information and the Asr. Our reality is a Space-Grid construct of 3D, three of spatial dimensions, all pixelated and quantized per Planck units, while the remaining 7 spatial dimensions are interwoven all around our space to close it completely from the other, assumably 7 similar spaces.
  9. The Quantum Ground and the spaces are flat, homogeneous and isotropic until being distorted by the presence of mass=energy. As both mass and energy require Asr to get formed, it is the Asron Grid that gets distorted by mass and energy.
  10. The Elementary Particles with or without mass are created in the space as a result of the fusion of the information constituents of the Cosmic Ground in and alongside “Asron” in the Space-Grid. This fusion allowed the formation of quantum fields that in turn made possible the creation of mass & energy.
  11. The spatial dimensions we have are “length, “width” and “depth” and likewise the seven other dimensions are interwoven around our 3-dimensions making it a closed space. Yet we sense the matter in the other spaces by virtue of their Asron grids and mass/energy formed therein.



  1. If we consider the X-dimension spanning the left-right axis and throw an object towards left, in the absence of other forces, it will start to move towards and experience only the Left-direction of the X-dimension, with no possibility of moving towards rightwards, the Right-direction. All the points the object passes by in the X-axis becomes moving away from it never to be seen/met again. Though the right-direction becomes an impossibility for that object, we cannot say that the X-axis is one directional.
  2. For analogy, Time dimension is no different than that, something has thrown us towards the future-direction of the time axis (T-axis) and hence we can only move towards the future with no possibility to go in the past-direction unless there is a force that can be exerted in the T-axis to stop and reverse our motion in order for us to be able to move towards the past-direction, to our past.
  3. All the particles in our spacetime are created in the “Asron grid” by the constituents of the Cosmic Ground in such a way that each particle has its “opposite particle”. This is because, same as the other dimensions, the “time dimension is also both ways, two-directional”, no different than the spatial dimensions’ having up & down, back & forth or left & right. An object has two sides in all spatial dimensions, like its width in the X-dimension spanning left to right or its length in the Y-Dimension spanning up and down. Similarly, the time dimension it also has two sides spanning forward and backward, namely its “Future side and Past side”.
  4. The future side of an object is “matter” and its past side is “anti-matter”. The matter exists in our space and the antimatter -in fact, rather the antiparticles- rest on the Information Ground as dunes of quanta.
  5. Imagine rolling a steel sheet infinitely so that its width and length increases almost to infinity while the thickness of the sheet becomes as thin as one unit of Planck distance. We cannot roll it further because it will break apart. So, the two sides of even the tiniest sheet in the universe cannot come closer than a Planck unit of distance, two sides will always remain separated unless it becomes zero and breaks apart thus annihilating itself, its “width” dimension vanishes from existence in spacetime. So does the time.
  6. Mass seemingly deforms the Cosmic Ground forcing to trespass and pierce it and we try to show it as a geometrical deformation of spacetime whereas it is the matter and the anti-matter side of mass coming closer and closer as the size and density of mass grows, same as in the example of rolling a steel sheet. No matter how big is the size and density of mass, its two sides cannot come closer than the Planck unit of time unless the time dimension is annihilated.
  7. All mass of the spacetime rests at a single point on the Cosmic Ground which is the “minimum potential point” of the spacetime locally, the point of center-of-mass.
  8. The so-called distortion of the Cosmic Ground is caused by the Time Dimension of the matter and it is maximum at the center-of-mass at which point the Cosmic Ground seems to repel the time dimension at its maximum value.
  9. This is the minimum local potential point of the spacetime while on the other hand, also its “maximum Quantum Potential point”. Quantum Potential of the spacetime is directly proportional to the dilution, thinning of time dimension in the spacetime.
  10. This literally implies that if the Quantum Potential of the spacetime increases to infinity, no time dimension will be left and it will collapse into the massless and timeless Cosmic Ground in the form of black holes.


Gravity, Quantum Gravity and Time Dilation

  1. Einstein visualized the spatial effect of mass on the Cosmic Ground such that, it creates a geometric field in the form of an indenture into the Cosmic Ground. Let’s derive from it that since the Cosmic Ground is impenetrable to mass, it pushes the mass outwards in all spatial dimensions to retain its flat, homogeneous, isotropic and timeless nature.
  2. Thus, Einstein’s visualized gravity becomes the rejection of the Cosmic Ground exerted on and expelling the Time Dimension in order to retain its “timeless” presence and this resistance is proportional to the size and density of matter. This is inversely similar to same poles of a dipole magnet repelling each other, yet here it is only the Cosmic Ground that rejects and repels the time dimension one-sidedly.
  3. Since the space and time cannot be separated unless at the speed of light, the mass is pushed back all together with the time dimension as a whole. Thus, Gravity does exist as a force, yet not as a force in the spacetime among matter attracting each other to get bonded but as the rejection of the Cosmic Ground pushing back the whole mass into the spacetime because of its time dimension. The gravity is a refusal and repulsive force rather than attracting anything. According to that view, the gravity doesn’t exist in a spacetime but between the spacetime and the Cosmic Ground, which is partially correct.
  4. Photons have no time and hence have no mass. They are Timeless and Massless like the Cosmic Ground. Therefore, photons don’t distort the Cosmic Ground because they travel at the speed of light and time stops at this speed which means that a photon doesn’t contain any time dimension. The speed of light can only be achieved if matter is totally isolated from all of its time dimension.
  5. The massless particles at the quantum level all travel at the speed of light and hence, like a photon they don’t contain any time dimension. With this quality, they don’t distort the Cosmic Ground structure and travel freely into and out of the Cosmic Ground but only in their wave form.
  6. Because it is a simple and indifferent travel for them in our reality or through the Cosmic Ground, electrons, photons etc. can appear and disappear in an empty box and this happens instantly because the Cosmic Ground has no time dimension through which they are passing.
  7. As a corollary, all those are the reasons why we can't find nor apply classical gravity equations into the quantum mechanics and thus the arguments and efforts of quantizing gravity or gravitazing quantum are obviously useless and in vain. There can be no Quantum Gravity with the existing classical Quantum Mechanics and the General Relativity when the fundamental particles are in their wave form.
  8. All mass in the spacetime falls to the nearest local minimum potential energy point of the spacetime.
  9. As each mass, say earth must exist and rest on the Cosmic Ground’s maximum potential point, in the absence of other forces, any other mass, say a meteor while passes through this spatial effect of the well caused by earth, must slide/fall and sit on top of the earth in the direction of its center-of-mass towards the minimum potential point created by earth which is the earth’s center-of-mass.
  10. The “attraction” among matter is the act of one matter in the surrounding vicinity sliding/falling into the slope of another greater and denser matter’s geometric field in order always to be sitting on the least potential point on that part of the spacetime.
  11. While forming an indenture, the size and density of the matter causes something else; The Time Dilation.
  12. There being no time dimension in the Cosmic Ground, the interaction between mass and the Cosmic Ground disrupts the time dimension of the reality by pushing it back and away from itself.
  13. The more a mass indents, immerses into and is surrounded by the Cosmic Ground, the lesser is the time dimension of that reality at the point that’s its center-of-mass.
  14. We experience this decrease/thinning of time dimension in the mass as time slowing down by gravity, proportional to the size and the density of mass.
  15. Obviously, the time dilation is in fact nothing but the local dilution and thinning of the time dimension in the spacetime. But it is not because of a spatial distortion, it is because of the stretching out of the time dimension. The time dimension stops stretching when it comes to a rest which is when there is no mass on it.
  16. Therefore, the matter’s minimum potential point is, in fact, where the time dimension is under most pressure, the most thinned out.



The Time Dimension, The Collision, The Big Bang, Singularity & The Point Zero of the Universe

  1. There exist other realities on the Cosmic Ground, each one a different spacetime, consisting of different sets of spatial dimensions in addition to the time dimension.
  2. In our perception, the Cosmic Ground has certain rubber-like properties acting in the direction of all the spatial dimensions of any spacetime. It is impenetrable and does not allow any trespassing into itself except at the speed of light at the quantum levels and in their wave form.
  3. The essential constituents of the spacetimes existed only in the Cosmic Ground but some were ejected from it at once at the instant of the one-directional escape of the Time Dimension at a point on the Cosmic Ground, which was the “Point Zero of the Universe” when and where our known universe and hence “Space-Time” started from ”zero size and zero space-time”. But this is definitely not the start of the time dimension itself. Like all the other dimensions, the time dimension was also contained interlocked within the Cosmic Ground.
  4. Hence, Time Dimension did exist already before the known universe, back and forth in its two directions fully immersed and interlocked in the Cosmic Ground, but finally became at least infinitesimally tilted out and escaped one-directionally from the Cosmic Ground and hence got separated from it.
  5. The separation of the Time dimension was the “Point Zero of the Universe” resulted in the constituents of the Cosmic Ground leaking alongside of the Time Dimension as if thrown out by an infinitely sharp, sudden and very strong blow, outwards in the direction of all the existing spatial dimensions.
  6. As from the spacetimes’ perspective this could only take place in a single “time quantum” which is one unit of Planck time for our spacetime. At this time the spacetime was nothing more than like smoke.
  7. It is then followed by a period of Fusion when the ejected constituents of the Cosmic Ground fused and unified with the time dimension in different combinations with the spatial dimensions, resulting in several spacetimes.
  8. Though I can’t theorize on the physics of the fusion happened at that epoch, it triggered what we consider as the Cosmic İnflation and the formation of quantum fields, like the Higgs field which made possible the massive particles to eventuate.


The Cosmic Foam Cushion 

The Fabric of Space and The Casimir Effect, The Cosmic Foam

  1. An instant buffer layer of web-like protective cushion that later turned into one sided foam, hereafter “The Cosmic Foam Cushion”, was formed on and by the Cosmic Ground and this layer always kept the Cosmic Ground separated from the spacetimes.
  2. The Cosmic Foam Cushion fills and covers all the borders and boundaries between the Cosmic Ground and The Spacetimes. That implies in fact that everything in a spacetime is filled and covered by the Cosmic Foam Cushion in such a way that there is no emptiness in a spacetime.
  3. The Cosmic Foam Cushion is a phase changing transition layer, one side of which starts as the Cosmic Ground itself while the other side ends up like a “Firewall” surface facing the spacetimes.
  4. In fact, the side of the Cosmic Foam Cushion facing the spacetime is what we call as the “Fabric of Spacetime”
  5. All the particles in a spacetime are in constant motion thereby continuously hitting this firewall of the Cosmic Foam Cushion like a cosmic rain, the same cosmic rays raining down on earth from all directions, and we observe the Casimir Effect forming this foam on the Cosmic Ground.
  6. In the experiment of The Casimir Effect there are two plates, but in our case, we only have one plate, the Cosmic Ground. Due to this cosmic rain onto the Cosmic Ground, its surface starts sprouting “strings” and/or “sprigs” (nothing like as in the String Theory) into the spacetime and its constituents start to bunch out of those sprigs in which a potential of elementary particles formation starts. Being under continuous hits, those bunches finally split asunder from the strings/sprigs into the spacetime as the fundamental particles “in pairs” of quarks in all colours and all flavours while the remaining strings and sprigs are swept away to and absorbed by the Cosmic Ground. Those pairs are the “the anti-particles.
  7. The Cosmic Ground being flat, the spacetimes are bound to expand flatly on it by virtue of the energy released from the Cosmic Foam Cushion.
  8. Throughout this process the Cosmic Ground continuously provides valuable energy into the spacetimes thereby making it possible for the latter to expand over the flat Cosmic Ground in all dimensions. This energy is “valuable” because it is very fruitful contributing a lot to the formation and the conditions of the spacetime in which the precious “life” was started.



Dark Matter & Dark Energy, Universal Coherence & Concordance


  1. As spacetime continues its expansion journey in all spatial dimensions started by the escape of the time, the Cosmic Foam Cushion must also expand in order to keep the ultimate separation of the Cosmic Ground from the spacetimes.
  2. The quantized energy created by the Cosmic Foam Cushion accounts for the so-called “Dark Energy” and the amount of energy created will always be equal to the energy required in order for the spacetimes to continue their expansion on the flat Cosmic Ground.
  3. Therefore, as the spacetime expands, the total energy in the spacetime increases and hence doesn’t get diluted, remaining evenly distributed throughout.
  4. This energy will keep on to be created spontaneously and perpetually.
  5. This fundamental mechanism explains how this Dark Energy is distributed evenly throughout the universe.
  6. Eventually the Spacetimes, the Cosmic Ground and the Cosmic Foam Cushion all evolved into a perfectly Coherent and Concordant universe in a way that it has become mathematically very well defined at all stages. It is such a beautiful structure on which the mathematics and physics are in full agreement.
  7. None of the realities can contain all the spatial dimensions because some dimensions need to be interwoven all around to close it in full. Though the minimum and maximum number of dimensions a reality can contain is as yet unknown, until mathematics and physics will find it out, I reason the minimum number is 3 same as in our space and the maximum number could be 6.
  8. Though it is easy to think about realities with lesser number of dimensions than ours, it is very hard to perceive and describe realities with more than 3 spatial dimensions. We can still try to visualize and
  9. In our 4D world the local minimum potential point of the spacetime is the earths center-of-mass at which point the time-stretching gravity force is at its maximum pushing all of earth’s mass outwards into all the 3 spatial dimensions. Everything on earth must therefore, fall towards the center of earth. If we drop an apple, it cannot move left or right, nor back and front. It can only fall in one dimension and in one direction towards earth’s center-of-mass which is perpendicular to the remaining 2 spatial dimensions. No matter how many dimensions a spacetime contains, its apple counterpart will always fall in one dimension and only in one direction towards the center-of-mass of its world, always perpendicular to all the remaining spatial dimensions.



  1. Imagining a similar environment like ours, we can relate spacetimes with 1 or 2 more spatial dimensions than ours, i.e. with a total of 5 or 6 dimensions as to how their birds would suspend and fly in the air. Normally, if the birds couldn’t fly, they would be falling towards their world’ center-of-mas and let’s call this dimension the Y- axis, or “altitude” whereas all the other spatial dimensions would be in 90 degrees to the Y-axis. In our world, the birds need minimum 2 wing to create an upward force to counteract the fall and be able to navigate in the direction of the 2 remaining spatial dimensions. In a world with 4 spatial dimensions, they would need minimum 3 wings to counteract the Y-axis and navigate through the 3 remaining dimensions. Similarly, in a world with 5 spatial dimensions, they would evolve to have a minimum of 4 wings in order to be able to fly.
  2. In all spacetimes there may exist matter of different characteristics but their overall mass & energy effect on the Cosmic Ground is similar to ours and is also felt in all the realities at the same time.
  3. In that respect, the Cosmic Ground can be considered like a scale and all the realities stand on it all together feeling all the mass as one.
  4. As such, mass in any spacetime is in direct interaction with the other realities through the Cosmic Ground & and the Cosmic Foam Cushion. Any spacetime experiences such interactions by feeling the presence of all the others’ mass.
  5. So, the realities interact gravitationally by virtue of their mass through the Cosmic Ground and this accounts for the distinct mass by the name” Dark matter” in other realities.
  6. As we cannot detect such Dark matter in our spacetime except for their gravitational effects, those give rise to the phenomenal observations like there must be much more extra mass in our reality beside our spacetime’s total regular matter that we can see. Observations state that our reality’s regular mass is only about 15 per cent of the total mass of the universe.
  7. Obviously then the 85% of mass of the universe exists in the other spacetimes. Realizing that this 15 per cent is about 1/7 and assuming all mass is more or less equally distributed in each spacetime, one could claim that there is a total of 7 of such realities in the universe.
  8. Considering that any spacetime cannot have less than 3 spatial dimensions (total 4D with the time)) where mass is created, and assuming a minimum of same number of spatial dimensions to be interwoven all around the existing dimensions in a spacetime, there can exist a maximum of 5 spatial dimensions in a spacetime.
  9. The bigger and the denser the matter, the deeper and steeper is its slope such that the indenture could extend into a well-like shape.
  10. All of above implies and explains how the “Black Holes” are likened to wells of almost infinite depth with huge mass of enormous density where time stops due to total dilution and breaking of the time dimension at the black hole’s center-of-mass.
  11. The black holes act as stabilizers of the spacetime like the foundation columns, pegs nailed downwards into the Cosmic Ground. On the other hand, from the Cosmic Ground’s perspective, they are like grandiose mountains upwards.
  12. It is assumed that a black hole in one spacetime would be felt like a “White Hole” in another other spacetime, unfortunately this is not the case as it ends at the Cosmic Ground.
  13. As briefly explained above, Time also has two directions same as the spatial dimensions. Hence, when one side of the Time dimensions got lose from the Cosmic Ground, while our spacetime was thrown towards and evolved in the direction of what we practically call “the future”, same things should have happened towards the other direction of the time dimension.
  14. But yet, the other side/direction of the time dimension remains blocked in the Cosmic Ground. As I wrote above, a similar image of things happened in that opposite time direction which was blocked could only form a mirror-image of the spacetime in the Cosmic Ground.
  15. Hence, our reality’s past ends at the moment of that “Big Escape”.
  16. The existence of anti-matter was first proven mathematically. I derive an additional solution. E = M*C2 è C2 = E/M à C = + (E/M)1/2. C1 = 300.000 m/sec and C2 = -300.000 m/sec.

C1 is the speed of light in our spacetime, and C2 is the speed of antimatter travelling in the opposite direction of the time dimension into a mirror-spacetime. This makes it very clear why we cannot see any antimatter, because the moment they are created they move backwards in time.

  1. Matter and anti-matter are created exactly in the same amounts at the same time
  2. The interactions of mass& energy among different realities and the functioning of the Cosmic Foam Cushion are explaining quite well how the galaxies or cluster of galaxies, intergalactic filaments are held together and don’t spread out, as well as the presence of negative pressure in a spacetime, their expansions and why such expansion is accelerated.
  3. All those characteristics give, as a corollary, that the complete structure of the universe is a closed system.
  4. Due to the law of conservation of mass for any system closed to all transfers of matter and energy, the mass of the system must remain constant over time. And this total is indeed constant and conserved in our universe.

 Quantum Entanglement & Spin

  1. In our reality, we have 3 spatial dimensions and an object can rotate in the plane of 2 spatial dimensions thereby creating an angular momentum in the 3rd If we change the direction of the rotation, then the direction of the angular momentum also changes in the 3rd dimension. The direction of the angular momentum is simply found by the right-hand rule.
  2. It has been proven that all the elementary particles have an intrinsic property that is not observed in the macro cosmos, i.e. our daily “rational” and tangible world. Despite the fact that we cannot see any of the elementary particles spinning or rotating, all of them are proven to have angular momentum. Yet we know that only the rotating entities that are spinning can have an angular momentum. Nevertheless, although the scientists “know” that the elementary particles are not rotating at all, they still call that intrinsic property as “Spin” anyway in order to make resemblance to our rationally explainable world.
  3. But this is totally wrong. All the elementary particles are indeed in constant "wobbling rotation" in all the spatial dimensions. Therefore, when it comes to the angular momentum of the fundamental particles, there exist 2-dimensional angular momentums that make up the “spin”. Please watch the moon wobble video for a year at maximum speed of your player to get a hint of it. That's how the spin occurs and how the fundamental particles propogate. You may also get a glimse of the moom popping in and out of existence, and thinh what happens if could play the video at the light speed.
  4. Latest scientific theories are suggesting the existence of a mathematical relation between bosons and fermions, in a way that each boson has a counterpart which is a fermion and each fermion has a counterpart which is a boson. That’s nothing more than stating the necessity of a counterpart particle with an opposite spin, creating a parallel space containing the supersymmetric particles.
  5. Supersymmetry String theory

When supersymmetry is imposed as a local symmetry, one automatically obtains a quantum mechanical theory that includes gravity. 

will continue with entanglement....

89. It should not be more difficult to establish the foundation of the proposed Cosmic Ground than the whole universe as it was after the Initial Explosion because this would require the elimination of both time and gravity out of equations leaving fewer parameters.

  1. The initial introduction/appearance of the time dimension to the Cosmic Ground and the coherent evolution of different realities are of mathematical nature and focus is needed for their formulation and physical testing.

 91. The compulsory emergence and essence of consciousness...loading...

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